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For those unboosted, how have you faired?

I decided to do at least a week of unboosted after the update to see how dinos play out. I’m down around 250-300 trophies (5725 >> 5450)

For those who haven’t boosted yet, how ya fairing ?

Same. Always around 4900-5100 and now it’s hard to stay above 4800…

I was doing better unboosted. I added some boosts to my team and instantly fell by 350 with constant 10k 2k maxima and 7k trykos everywhere.

Was shocked that a handful of boost made such a MM difference.

Same for me.I was 5600-5800 before the update. Now 5450-5650.

Not tooo goooood! LOL
I have 3 max boosted, 1 partial.
Still hanging on to Gyro, but have dropped to maybe a 35-45% win rate.
I’m starting to get the hang of the new moves though.

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I’m doing better unboosted than boosted. Didn’t drop to Aviary for a long time while I did that frequently before

Have 2 boosted because of Mortem Rex, stay around 5300-5500.
I was 5500-5600 before the patch, so not that big of a change so far.

Hangin in… I guess? Lol.
Anytime I see a boosted Maxima leading, I just close the app and go do something else.


I was unboosted since starting my alt account which was 4740 before 2.0 came along.

I boosted my Ardentismaxima and my Erlidom this week (for the raids) and now am struggling to stay in the Aviary, dropping to 4510 at one point.

I wish I hadn’t boosted at all if I’m honest, but hey ho.


Dropped out the library went to lower aviary have crept back to higher aviary, am facing 140+ Speed magnas 6000 Hp monsters etc so don’t stand a chance against them… have to admit I just put my phone down when the super boosted ardent greets me…

Good until I ran into a team of boosted level 29s in Aviary. So yep like a swift kick to the nuts you feel it there.

Hows Monosteg doing?
I haven’t heard much good about him and didn’t expect to see him on your team.

Dropped about 200 trophies but otherwise fine

Dropped from around 4900 to 4700. Still resisting the urge to boost. I am now facing a lot more boosted beasts in battles so I guess caution has worn off for a lot of players!

Better than Dracocerato did in the hour that I tried it.
As of right now, I have no plans on replacing it.
Also, he’s been on my team a LONG time. Since the 4-turn cd on slowing.
It’s gonna take a lot more than this to make me drop him lol.

Down from 6000 to 6300 to 5500 to 5700 gyrosphere

How is Meg doing? I was looking really hard at her the other night. The fact that heal is based on attack stats now, that gives Ferocious users an even bigger heal. Plus that counter attack :heart_eyes:


As you know, I couldn’t keep losing, so used em all! :joy: Now I’m back in Nublar Shores :blush:

Yeah it had stats nerf but good news is that its slowing impact is now CD1 instead of 3 and it still stays 3 turns of effect!

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It’s getting real tough to stay over 5400