For those who haven’t been battling


Do you feel that not getting battle incubators impeded your progress in dino collection in any way?


A little context behind this question: The last few days I kept getting paired with people with team of Uniques but at rather low player level (yes, I know they are probably just really efficient in choosing with dinos to level up), this happens even when previous opponents within my range (4000 trophies-ish) and with realistic team are online and available. I’m sure that coincidence of this nature happens but should this persist I will never get an incubator :rofl: I figure to save me the frustration, discouragement and pounding headache, maybe it makes sense to quit battling for incubators altogether but want to hear from those who had taken a break from battling to find out if it’s too high a risk to take for completionist like me


I took a 2-3 week break from the arena before the last tournament. I did miss out on plenty of incubators, but the peace of mind was worth it. I kept grinding DNA, and began to not rely on battle incubators giving out crap DNA anyways. I created a few legendaries on my hiatus, worked to level them up. When the tournament started, and after the “Bloodbath” I rose 700 trophies to my highest amount to date. Since then I’ve gone up another 200 trophies, but I’m not taking a break this time…too late for me anyways.


I think I will probably cease battling for a bit. I will have to hope I get lucky with occasional incubator purchases for the Gallimimus, Irritator and Stygimoloch dna then. My plan is also to focus on hunting for dna and using scent capsules. I dropped a total of 200 trophies today, it’s very unusual outside of tornament and also very discouraging because I was consistently paired with ppl who aren’t ranked. Hope they fix whatever new algorithm they are testing soon.


Dont get me wrong, win or lose, I enjoy battling. The break was also awesome…but I used the time to friendly battle and test out strategy…and to take some time to learn my dinos so that I could battle better…learn what fused with what. What move counters that move. You get the idea…necessary evil.


I think this game is designed for players who enjoy battling, which is why they find ways to encourage people to battle, like making some dna arena exclusive - and I commend them for finding different ways to improve the user experience. It’s great for people who like to battle but can be stressful for people who just want to save the dinos :joy:


not really. battle incubators are usually garbage. my team is the same with or without hundreds/thousands of stygimoloch gen 2 and proceratosaurus DNA.


@CleverBoy you forgot purussasaurus gen 2.


Nope. not at all, since collecting all of 'em isn’t my thing, and I’m not really too concerned with them being low level(some of my dinos are still level 1). :rofl:
I do battles whenever I feel like it, either coming up with new strategy/battle tactic or just simply testing out my dinos to improve my team.
It does not concern me that I don’t get any incubators at all as it is not my end goal.
My objective is, to get my Team stronger first then battle in the arenas later. :wink:


For the team, you have (I’ll honestly say it’s better than mine, you should have more trophies than I do. So I totally get your frustration. I remember your post going up against someone with a few uniques … since the cheater purge, I’ve never gone up with any one more that one unique on bench)

Take a break man, even if it’s just a couple days.
In the end … you’ll get more (useful) DNA from hunting than you will from incubators.


Something really isn’t right. It took almost the 5min 50s to search for an opponent just now and once again it’s one of the questionable opponents. I’m sending an email to support. They must be working on algorithm for matching, and I wouldn’t put it past them to put people in the wrong pool :sob::scream: It won’t be the first time they had a mix-up. Oh well, taking a break will probably be good for me anyway :laughing:


There are people dropping trophies for easy wins. Usually 5000+ dropped to 4800, I’m facing those people from time to time.
The incentive is that they want to minimize the effort to get arena incubators. At 5000+ it takes too long to fill all incubator slots.


I only battle for incubators now, primarily for the coins. Once I won one and started it, I’ll quit battling unless it is the 15 min incubator.


Same here. I only battle for incubators. When I first played, I battled just to battle but that was only one day.


For me, win or lose doesn’t matter, just want to sloted all incubator and i can go sleep. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The top guys (and gals) are so far ahead that one would have to spend a fortune just to be on par with them, let alone trying to overtake them.


I m keep bamping from sorna and lockdown. But i know my team is not good enough especialy when batlle with someone who has legendary like stego and indo. But fear not it to make you stronger and inexperience witb that dino anyway. If you go higher ther will be plenty of legend and uniq dino.


I have no hopes for that lol, I’m fine in the bracket I am in. I recently got out of Badlands but I’ll probably drop down to Badlands knowing my luck. lol


This my team


For me this game has always been about the dinosaurs, not the battles or the hybrids. I rarely battle in the arena (maybe once a week if I can be bothered). Instead I spend the vast majority of my time on the map screen hunting and darting dinos, collecting treasure chests and battling in Strike Towers.

I play the game at my own pace. I’m level 9 and I don’t have an I.rex yet, nor do I feel envious of those who do. The game is giving me the incentive to get out and walk around a bit more which is exactly why I got it in the first place.