For those who spent 2000$ a month


For the guy who spent 2000$ to get all the last released broken creatures and dominate the pvp.
It’s your choice, but play fairly and don’t spam. Don’t feel proud winning with 2000+ trophy against a team that doesn’t stand a chance.

6000+ trophy arena is became so toxic and broken I can’t believe Ludia never fixed this, oh yeah one more thing to fix :roll_eyes:

Time to let drop again

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I am a free-to-play player, and I think you are mistaken about many of the people invest money into the game. So many of them dedicate many hours to the game, have excellent skills, and spend their money on the game in addition to the rest. If you have powerful creatures but don’t know how to use them, you won’t get very far. That isn’t to say money doesn’t make the climb easier, but money also doesn’t equal skill, and this is why so many top players are also decent in skill tournaments where everyone is set to the same level. Many of these paying players have helped me improve my game, and are wonderful people - often very humble.

You also have to remember that people who spend a lot of money on the game are not only passionate about the game, but they also keep the game funded for people like me who cannot afford to put money into it. I literally get to play a beautiful game (albeit with glitches, but beautiful nonetheless) for free. I think we need to be thankful that there are big spenders in this game: it’s because of them that this game keeps going, artists/animators/programmers etc get paid, and many people both free and paying get to enjoy a great game :heart:


nope they do i do i dotn spend that but i have spent quite a bit because i want to and i,m nowhere near the top :stuck_out_tongue: as for the people you refer too yes there are quite a few but nowhere near the majority and those are easy turn emotes off :stuck_out_tongue: but yes between 5800 and say 6200 is the most toxic mental space hence why i ma just sitting below that in the ball pit haveing fun

Wait wait wait, $2000 a month??? Who has the money to literally just go “hey, a lot of money down the drain for a game that may be shut down in later years” (rip JPB)

content creators that you all feed :stuck_out_tongue: plus rich people

Wait til it shutdowns like JPB : ) they be losing hundreds of bucks

What does the B mean

Jurassic Park Builder

Umm then what was the point of JWE

Just to not fill this with off topic stuff I’ll just message you rlly quick

I have alot of creatures and I haven’t spent a dollar on JWA. And I’ve gotten so far without paying…
For those who spend thousands of dollars on this game, they’re wasting it.

Same here.