For Those Who Think the Game is "Ruined"

There has been a consistant influx of players for Jurassic World Alive who think the game is now ruined because of several reasons. Let’s take a look:
• The meta has changed from Raptor Domination to Balanced
• It’s now a Tank Meta
• “I’ve lost so many times I’m gonna quit!”
• “Stegoceratops is OP”
• “Stegosaurus is OP”
• Dino Movesets have changed
• “Crits/Stuns are not in my favor”

Guys, nothing, I don’t think, will ever be truly balanced. As of now, I believe things have been made for the better. Tanks are actually tanky as they should be, and nothing can be one-shot by a raptor’s Pounce. Are raptor’s ruined? No, it just requires more strategy to use.

A lot of people complain as well that they lost x amount of battles, mostly because critical hits and/or stuns “don’t seem to be in their favor”. This is not the case. It is called RNG (Random Number Generator, if memory serves). This little built-in mechanic is in every single game that exists, even the simple game of Go Fish is not immune to it. Everything, every scenerio, every movement, even glitches, are up to a thing called chance. Life is up to pure chance. Is luck a part of things too? Yes and no; I see it as a grey area. However, I am aware that I-Rex’s Cloak Ability is pure luck; you have a 50/50 shot of it working or failing.

If you are losing to much, it’s probably due to level differences, the dreaded Lv30 Bots, Opponent Name Bot, bad luck, bad draws (which does happen, again, all RNG), and/or poor strategy. In any case, the best thing you can do, if you have any Lv1 dinos is drop down as far as you can go, and build up on Coins and DNA. The Tournaments are not active yet, so there is no need to worry about being top dog (someone’s only gonna overwrite that in 5mins anyway).

To be honest, rank isn’t something that should be greatly desired, in my opinion. I get lots of people out there want to get to the top, but shouldn’t the fun be the greatest aspect of this game? We’re collecting dinosaurs in such a fun and unique way that knocks JW The Game clear out of the water!

This game, as I’ve stated in my previous thread, is not Pay2Win. If you’re sinking tons of your money into the game that isn’t the VIP or level up offers, then you’ve turned it into Pay2Win by constantly buying incubes just for that tiny chance you might get 10 DNA towards a dinosaur. You won’t get the dino for free, so is that 10 DNA really worth money that could go towards something more useful in real life, like bills, or a car repair? This game is Free2Play; the only exception is VIP and level up offers.

As for certain dinos now being OP, while I can see where most are coming from, this is not the case. In my battles, I’ve been able to find ways around these so-called OP herbivores. They’re really not as OP as people are complaining. A lot of the dinos are still pretty easy to shut down provided you have a good team and a strong strategy. For example: Ankylocodon is great at shutting down Stunners and even Stegosaurus. T-Rex is still perfectly useful, and can still get those beautiful one-shots with a crit. I can’t say for sure how you can use raptors now, as mine has always been my go-to when things got rough, so anyone that uses any raptor is welcome to share their strategies (any strategy really is welcome too, anything for new or struggling players).

We should also touch base with cheating. What qualifies?
• Spoofing - faking your GPS location in order to obtain dinosaurs not within your real area
• Hacking - similar to Spoofing, only now you’re giving yourself more coins, cash, and possibly endless darts (though the darts could be a bug)
• Playing the game on your computer

What does not qualify?
• Driving - this is something most people do everyday. Sitting in the passenger seat as someone drives does not qualify for cheating
• Riding a bike
• Walking/Running

Let’s look at legitimate reasons why people may Spoof:
• Immobility - perhaps they were mobile at one point and something happened that caused them not to be as mobile as before; perhaps they’re immobile from the start but want to play the game because they love Jurassic Park or dinos in general
• Weather - extreme heat and cold puts anyone at risk, even if you take great precautions
• Safety Issues - there may not be any safe places to walk at any point of day or simply lack of sidewalks; no one wants to hunt dinosaurs in breakdown lanes
• Jobs - people work, it’s a fact, and most parks close at sundown. But jobs don’t always end once you’re out…
• Family - this one’s obvious. Whether it’s kids or an ailing relative.

Let’s take a look at inexscusable reasons:
• Laziness - smh
• Impatience - we live in a generation thar’s all about having some now, with no waiting or anything, they want it NOW. This is not how anything in life works. If you don’t work for it, you don’t profit. Period.
• Because they can - …no.

I find nothing wrong with spoofing because of the listed limitations. I’m sure Ludia wouldn’t wanna see anyone in the hospital on the news because they were playing JWA when the weather wasn’t favorable, or they decided to play-and-drive (please don’t do that). As long as they’re responsible and not going outside their state or something, then fine. Now, if they’re teleporting to China, it’s a problem. Outright cheating is highly looked down upon. You should be happy Ludia isn’t replacing your dinos with Pink Dodos or doing something like other developers do to humiliate the player.

It really isn’t the worst thing in the world to lose battles and drop down. Yes, it’s frustrating to lose, but see it as an advantage. You’d be able to collect more coins and work on the DNA so you can become stronger. Play around with your team and see who works best.

“Strong dinosaurs. Weak dinosaurs. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled battlers should try to win with their favorites.”


Great post! I agree with everything! Now let’s stop all the arguing wink wink SNE :joy::joy::joy:


Can someone give him a cape for that Hero?

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I just think it’s a sad day when someone is having to practically write war and peace to address people’s issues with a game. It’s a game why is there so much to moan about.


@Heather They have nothing better to do.

And agree with @Angela_Flynn. It’s a game. Go play it.

As for how to use raptors now, still working on that. Have a 5 raptor team (missing echo by 2 DNA still) and seem to strike 50/50 at 2100 trophies.

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I’m finding a lot of people still trying to pull off raptor teams. I’m in Lockdown (Arena 6)…

Raptors doesnt work Like they did, they Are more like specialists now, made for certain situations where they Can finish off The last dino. I Am in Arena 8 and most people Got dinos that lockdown The small Quick ones :grin:

Same; most of my team can shut down a raptor provided it isn’t a bad draw. My Ankylocodon shuts down quite a bit though :grin:

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Thank you for helping me to find why I’ve been so frustrated too… it seems game designers can’t stop tinkering with things the worst game in the world that they’ve done that to is World of Warcraft oh… oh my

Lol, WoW took a plummet?

did anyone actually read all that?

I read all of that! (20 characters)


great post, the idea of battles is strategy, you shouldn’t be able to come in with a raptor and kill everyone lol… the only people that are complaining that its ruined are the ones that were never invited to games as children because they always threw a tantrum when they lost lol… i love the game and play it daily, and the added stuff has made the game more interesting rather then just waiting for a dino to pop up

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In my opinion what ruins this game is how most battles are being decided on the RNG or simple “luck”. I have a powerful enough team to hold my own in most battles, but 90 percent of them are always decided on a “lucky” crit, or entirely dependent on if the cloak blocks or not on a final shot. Not team makeup, not strategy, blind chance. I feel they should remove the chance aspect so we can actually develop strategies and our teams instead of rolling the dice every battle.