For those who wants to fight above 3400 in arena


Here’s some preview:

If you have a team around lv14-16 like me, don’t bother. I am now staying at 3200-3300 and completely lost interest in arena, until I manage to evolve my Dino which cost 10k-25k each.


Yeah… Am at 3200 right now and lose 5 streak to same person that all of his dino at level 21… Probably bot? Cause less real people at sorna?

So sad… Real sad…


i dont see how people win up there without at least 5 raptors on your team. i’ve managed to beat a team of all 30s once, but yeah you usually lose.


For now you will need to lvl up your team to rank up. Top 500 is mostly for donators or ppl that have a lot of time or using diffrent unfair methods. It will be a few months at least for us 3100 - 3200 rank to get higher up. It is a goal that cannot be reached with lower lvl teams wich consist of commons rare and epics. No point to get frustrated will be bounching for a long time to come unless we see some more rares and epic spawning around. This is part of the game.


That just looks like a bot… When u loose a game
U face one of LUDIA’S overpowered bots.


Why I dipped back down. I need some of that good dino DNA anyway.