For today’s destroyed arena battles

That team has got every boost mascot except rat lol, I bet they had it before it was balanced too lol.

I feel sorry for their credit card xD


I think I got matched up against them twice, back to back. Lost the first, won the second. Hate facing Rixis…

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For me my erlidom takes care of them as well also spxs now that I re added back to my team

I probably would have been okay if I drew Erliko or even Phorusaura, but alas, 'twas not to be!

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Funnily enough, the Tryko had no boosts at all (same for Alloraptor).
The rest were only moderately boosted.


Ran the calc on the Field Guide: that Rixi had 30 boost tiers applied. Is that the maximum a creature can have?

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Depends on lvl

Ludia should stop making it possible to drop and after that get back up using OP creatures. It’s getting Ludiacrous

Oh and about the amount of losses making up for the amount of wins: it’s alliance mission battles and incubators that count so no excuse


I present you the fast boy

Fastes thing i meet so far.


Just in time for the sonic movie now where is :egg: :man:


that’s just overkill. granted now, some things will have an easier time since health and damage aren’t anywhere where they could be.


According to ludia this a new balance system is controlled based on Dinosaur lvl… it’s about as balanced as a top

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:rofl: :rofl:

Here’s a complete sentence, stupid filter.

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10 words cause surely a sentence can’t have less than this number

Yeah the whole “But we lose heaps on our way down” never justified dropping, because the ones they smash on their way back up might not even be the same players, so the ones they beat are still getting losses they wouldn’t have gotten had they not faced a dropper.

It’s like mugging someone in the street of all their cash, and going and donating every cent to charity…sure the charity benefits but the poor sap who got mugged isn’t going to feel any better.


And that’s what the ones doing the dropping for easy wins are doing, they are given free wins to some players, and robbing trophies from everyone else.

And it’s not even like it’s being done for an good cause, because it’s entirely selfish reasons, for easy wins and incubators…doesn’t matter how many trophies they “give away” while dropping, I’m more concerned about all the games they are robbing others of!


All trash dinos with no potential growth. Why such players are so short termist and worst come on forums to whine that IndoR G2 or Ardentistmaxima is OP is beyond me.

They will never progress out of Aviary and all those whining about them will soon outgrow/counter these dinos over time.

Hey… I do that… I dun wanna go Nublar Shores so early so what is a few hundred troll matches when I get to have fun?

In more.seriousness, dropping to test out a new set of creatures and prolong not having to deal with the wasteland that is Nublar Shores is normal. The thing is, they should make the opponents work for their wins not just play a sure lose team. It actually helps to grow both players once you learn how to think using a non-main team dino.

The easiest incubators are from AI not humans. Humans actually can think and pull surprises. AI pulls a counter type dino and thinks its clever

I think you misunderstood me, I dont mean dropping arena to test new dinosaurs, I’m talking about the players who tank their rating on purpose so they get way lower, and then switch in their best dinosaurs and thrash teams who have no chance of winning.

If they are using dinosaurs with levels appropriate for the arena they drop to that’s ok, I’ve done that myself when I switched to an all level 15 epic and rare team a few months back when I was trying to avoid all the sewer rats and monster Thors.

My example trophy dropping team:
My Team 20200217
My example trophy climbing team:
My Team 20200218
It actually takes longer to drop than climb because of the AI’s. Some AI teams are hard to lose to because they keep swapping the last two dino’s each move. Then I’m forced to win. :rofl: