For you what moves can be added in game?

What moves do you think need to be add?

For me:
-Pure body(Passive): Your positive effects can’t be removed.
-Curse Strike: Deal 1x damage, target can’t gain positive effects during 2 turn.

-Fast hit: initiative, Deal 0,75X damage. CD 2
-Pursuit: Deal 1X damage, if enemy swap: initiative before swap, Deal 1,5X damage. CD 3
-Furious impact: Deal 0,75 damage, if enemy swap: Deal 2X damage and remove positive effects. CD 3
-Furious protection: Deal 0,75 damage, 35% shield for 2 turn, if enemy swap: 65% shield for 3 turn. CD 4
-Furious intimidation: Target’s damage and Speed are reduced 20% for 2 turns. If enemy swap : Target’s damage, Speed and armor are reduced 40% for 3 turn. And Cd recharge 1 turn faster. CD 4

-Stench(Passive): Cancel Target’s Passive.

-Devouring bite: Deal 1X damage. Heal 0,33% from damage. CD 2

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I was actually thinking of this move for awhile now, Force Swap

Very useful against buffed dinos like the gorgo who is ready for DSR. Force swaps that dino with a random dino from the list, and that dino automatically takes 1x damage. Making you have to re-think strategy. Just a cool idea :man_shrugging:


Morph. morph into opponents dino for 2 turns and gain 2x damage


Acid spit - like a DOT but instead of draining health it drains armor

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I absolutely want a Force Swap so I can control to some degree unfavorable matchups.
I’d like a Poison Bite of varying strengths that does low-mid DoT for like 5 rounds. It’d be great if it also did like 25% distraction for the duration.
A tail whip would be great if it gave a 33% chance for their attack to miss and made them vulnerable for a few rounds. It would have to be a priority move to work as intended.
A Swift Theft move that steals an enemy’s positive effect and applies it to yourself along with dealing damage.
An Intimidation passive of 3 tiers that reduces enemy damage value by 10%/15%/20%. Damage returns to normal when the Dino is defeated or swapped.
An Ambush move that is a priority decelerating impact
A Death Roll move to make the crocs stand out more that causes heavy bleed and pinning for 2 rounds.
An Instant Immunity move that blocks a status effect I.e. stun but doesn’t block the damage. A 2 round Long Immunity would be nice as well
A Ravage attack for Carcharodontosaurs should we ever get more that deals high damage and heals 25-30%
And finally a Ram attack that armor pierces and slows
Just some I’ve been hoping for


These dinosaurs just have super natural powers at this point huh


FLAG :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
If I flag your move, that particular move will be cancelled.

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You guy are playing too much Pokémon :grinning:

Kidding… there are some good ideas that can be included… I talked about a Nullifying Rampage in another topic… we need more nullifying moves… We have so many stunners, armor and shield breakers… but only two nullifiers

Actually there are quite a few. 14 to be exact.
Monostego, Monomimus, Anky, Monolo, Monolopho gen 1 & 2, Tany, Koola gen 1 & 2, Procerato, Diplo gen 1 & 2 and Dilopho gen 1 & 2

Did I miss out any?

Roar: Swap in for the big theropods (T-rex, Allosaurus, Gorgosaurus, etc) that causes a fear effect causing a stun or run away affect. This can do one or the other.

We have a lot more than that. There are (if my memory serves me) 13 creatures with Nullifying Strike and 7 creatures with Nullifying Impact. The ones most people tend to gravitate towards are Suchotator and Tanycolagreus, then Monomimus once you unlock it.

I meant number of moves, not dinos… we only have those two, Nullifying Strike and Impact

Ah, my apologies. Not enough coffee.

A swap in Nullify could be an interesting (if frightening) prospect. Also Nullifying Rampage to complete the set.