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Forbidden Hybrids!πŸ˜•

Hello Everyone!!! :laughing:

Today I made a very important decision!!! :hushed:

I decided that on my secondary account I will no longer use hybrids!!! :star_struck:

And why? I decided this because i needed to have some fun, even because I get bored with hybrids every day…:roll_eyes:

Do you think it was a good idea? Any suggestions?:thinking:

My Team (secondary account)::wink:

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Indomg2 is hybrid. You can tell them apart from the purple in their level :slight_smile:

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True, forgot about herπŸ˜…

It would be real hard challenge ! With boosts you can get even chances sometimes, but mostly nonhybrid creatures kit is weaker and more specific.

But you can try to play this way, I would recomend you to swap out Velociraptor for Blue , Pachy for Maia, Rex for AllosaurusG2, Galli for Ornithomimus, Irritator Gen 2 for Kaprosuchus, and ErlikoG2 for Diplodocus or Carbonemys.

Yeah, it can be pretty heavy but this way you can improve your survivability on the arena and still don’t use any hybrids.

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I’ll have to look at my 2nd account creatures and see if I want to do a couple days of non hybrids. I might lose a lot but that’s OK because my trophy amount doesn’t matter. The hard part will be after a couple losses, the AI teams are sometimes more difficult than real players teams because they are level 20-22 and boosted.

Thank’s for sparking the idea.

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No Problem!!! :wink:

Thanks a lot for the help!!!:smiley:

I made some changes based on what you said😁

I’ll give this one a try. I think it’s pretty well rounded.

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Wow,this is fantastic!!!:hushed:

It looks good, but Orni and Maia need to grow cause they are strong below the team arevage =)

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