Force swapping creature needed


I’m a little bit tired of playing match after match of these swappers that attempt to save every Dino. It’s irritating. Or these troglodytes that still use the pounce&swap only to come back after each KO. I want a Dino/reptile/pterosaur/quasi-reptomammalite that can say, “Get over here!” and do a priority force swap to bring whatever it was back in.
Or you could have it in and decide nope I don’t want to face this opener creature and force swap them hopefully to whatever they were saving.
This would be a serious QoL move.


I believe a force-swap move was uncovered in one of the APK teardowns on metahub, no idea when it’s coming or which dinos will get it though.


The swap is an ability that needs to be mantained, but you can avoid them using dinos with Pinning Strike like Nodopatosauro, for example.
Keep in mind that, in the long run, the best strategy is making a single swap per match, two if really need it, but this can be done only if you have healthy dinos.


While a “scare the opponent dino away” move would be cool, using pinning/lockdown has worked for me to serve a similar purpose. For some reason, a lot of raptor players will still try to get in a pounce against, say, a nodopatosaurus, and she can immediately slow/pin them after. Sarcorixis has the lockdown strike, which is even better since it lasts for multiple turns, but isn’t as survivable as the nodopato.


Nope, nope, nope. There’s already counters for swapping dinos, such as pinning attacks.

I know swapping dinos to save them and then bring them out again, a common thing with Velociraptor, but if you have the right dino you can counter it, if you don’t then that’s too bad.

I love swapping dinos, but not for that reason, I love swapping to a dino that has counter-attack, sometimes you get a kill that the opponent never expected.