Forced to change my user name

I have had the user name EddieCopia since this games inception, and I received a message today that my user name violates community guidelines.

So I added “42” to my name and it was still still violation. Can I dispute this? This is ridiculous.

I’m guessing it’s from the first part of the name containing the phrase “d#e c#p”, so the automatic censorship probably picked up on that.

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It’s been my user name since 2018, and I’ve never noticed that until now. I remain, baffled. Thank you though for illuminating this for me.


Maybe they just updated their list of censored words/phrases? It’s unfortunate though, that’s clearly not what you’re trying to say :sweat_smile:

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I think changing it to EddyeCapia should work.

It’s unfortunate that because of the automated censorship you can’t use your name, but it’s the only alternative I can think of this side of coming up with some random word.


Here’s what I came up with lol


I tried to change the description of our alliance and was hit with the name of the Alliance broke rules even thought it has been around for years. I wrote to support and they advised that it was an accident and white listed the name.

I had the same problem that has been resolved, Ludia answer to my message and told me they don’t accept a complete name (with first name). I explained i like to play with words and found a joke in french with a first name and a name…

… and it’s ok now

Hello EddieCopia! Our support team can look into this matter with you if you email them at You can include your support key in your message.

Thank you!