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Forced variety

Ludia, please find a way to force variety in the arena. Fighting the same damn 6 dinos over and over is the definition of boring. Seriously.


there is variety. just need to realocate boosts. and you said the same six are used( in one of your many threads) before these new few were added. so whats your new six??

There is a lot of variety. Look at the tier list. There are so many options for dinos to play. This is the meta we wished we had back in 1.5-6. Problem is that players are completely stuck with what they have because they invested boosts into it. I would know. I had to drop Indo and dilorach for orion and spyx and boost them both up to t5/t6 in their stats.

Forcing diversity will not solve diversity, it will create even less diversity. That said, it should be encouraged with the ability to reallocate boosts to different dinos.

“When everyone is super, no one is.” - Syndrome, The Incredibles.


In my case I want to both add Stygdrix and Carnotarkus but it is really difficult to have them.

Carnotarkus requires me to get Wearhosaurus which once I leveled it to 20 it is almost impossible to get more.

Same happens with Stygdrix… No darwin out there to even create it…

Many of us want variety but Ludia has forced us to do the same

However… In my case I had to drop Erlidominus and introduce Edmontoguana (26), dropped magna and put purrutaurus (23).

But I can’t go further because of lack of Ingredients.

I agreed. Please introduce boot reset mechanic.

Even with boost reset, people just put the boosts into the Rat again, or even more boosts. Then we will see the same dinos again: Rat and those which can one shot it like Thor, Erlidom, Spyx, Utasino.
If boosts are all removed, we have a well balanced meta and people can use any dinos in their teams without any need of boosts into them to make them viable. That way we can have more variety.

Boosts are not the sole problems for the variety in the arena… they dont really help the situation any for sure but the bigger problem is some dinos are much easier to level.

Draco and thor thriving in the boost era, is one half their scalability with boosts and the other half their easy to acquire ingredients, thor might be harder to level now that they finally changed alliance rewards . But we wouldnt be facing thor every match if we hadnt gotten him every week for so many months.

Creating a healthy meta requires all options to be as easy to level so they are actually options. If their is 32 viable end game dinos but 26 of them are harder to level then the remaining 6… those 6 are gonna be on the vast majority of teams regardless if other dinos are as good or even a little better.

A level 30 high apex is a better option then a level 25 tyrant with equal time investments and boosts applied.

Six is an exaggeration, but he has a point. Even with the new dinos, most still use the same old tyrants. Not to mention same old strategies… One or more fast hit & runner (Rinex, Dilo and/or Erlido) to start as rat baits… then Thor, Draco, Tryko or Dio (or both). Maybe two or three spots of “variety” (usually Tenonto, Indo and/or Magna). And maybe one, two tanks (Stegod, Monostego and/or Trago).

I believe this will naturally change, but there hasn’t been enough time yet for most players to put the new tyrants at team level or even make them, except maybe Spyx… I’ve been saying this for some time and I see they finally realized it, 'cause they’re now giving daily rewards for those new creatures.

I like to play with the Dinos I choose. So, no.

Oh please, NO.

The last thing we demanded and they gave us was a way to end arena droppers.

Be careful what you ask for with this company.

Once the meta dinos can be determined, treat them as ultra-strong level higher than unique in matchmaking. Let those teams with overleveled and overboosted rat and thor fight against each other, and team not using rat would have easier matchup.

Players have already put effort into the dinosaurs on their team and they aren’t going to want to give that up. It either takes too long to groom a dinosaur up to the right level or you don’t swap for lesser ones because you have done well and claimed the Arena with what you have.

The only way to get variety in teams is if players make those decisions for themselves and I don’t see many people doing it for the reasons I mention above.

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