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Forcing me to play against payers, wont make me want to financially support your game

Finally at that 4000 trophy mark, and the game is completely unsatisfying. EVERYONE i fight bought all the stat boosts and are a number of levels higher than me, fighting thors with 4.5k health 135 speed, DC with 3k plus health and almost 2k base damage indorapter with 4.5k health, sucho with 6.5k health. this is getting ridicules. my tankest highest health dino the gigaspika with as many health stat boosts as i could put into it only has 4.7k health. my highest level dino is 22. and im fighting 25-30s with 5+ stat boosts on every dino.

Either your match making is totally broken and needs a complete overhaul, or i’m intentional being pinned against people who payed to play and win, in the hopes that i will break down and spend more money on this game. well it’s not working Ludia, i now refuse to spend another a penny on this game, i’m tired of being totally shafted by matchmaking and fighting for and hour plus to get 1 incubator. i’d be fine fighting people 1 or 2 dino levels higher than me on average because my skill level is so high, but fighting 25-30s with my team which averages 20 is scandalous. i can tell 3 turns before hand if i’m going to loose, its so blatantly 1 sided, they could just basic attack me to death.

On top of that, the “luck” system is clearly working in their favor, i didn’t realize you can pay for luck. My opponent will get crit after crit after crit even with dinos that have 5% crit chance and they always get the clutch win crit were the ONLY way for them to beat me is to go all in with their 5% crit chance dino at the very end and somehow they get it. I even call it before they do ill show my friend the situation, show them how i’ll have the opponent dead to rights and the only way for them to win is to pull a miraculous crit on a rampage with 5% chance, 2 seconds later they rampage and get crit for the win, it happens over and over again. My friends think i have “bad luck” i think i’m just being shafted by the system. I can barely get 1 crit with my thor every 3 matches. and when i do it’s not like it matters because they would have died without it anyways.

Anyone else running into this problem?


I got sucked back into the game over these last few days (I’ve spent a lot of time on this game and hated giving it up) and I am currently on a 24 loss losing streak, no exaggeration. Before boosts I sat comfortably at 5000 trophies, now I’m sitting at 4600. I have boosted Thor and Draco just like everyone else has but I am not getting crits, and they have been critting every other move for the last two days. So I feel your pain sir, and am quitting yet again, which really bums me out but the game is horribly unbalanced now.


that’s were i’m at mentally, i’ve sunk a lot of time into this game and i like the dinos but this matchmaking is a joke. and makes me want to give it all up. i really hate investing many hours into something just to toss it aside because playing it gives me a sour taste.


Eddie, you in the same boat as me and about 10,000 others. The new matchmaking is complete ass now, and this is not even counting boosts.

There are people 1000 points above me that get much easier battles then I do and fighting lower level dinos too, on both sides. Its completly broken.


I agree, dinosaurs appear 3 levels higher than mine, without counting the increases, it is really unpleasant, I really do not know what they want to achieve …

Just make it all pve apart from tournaments


Yes, the matchmaking sucks (plus the boosts too). That’s why this game is getting broken more than ever.


The best thing would be to return them in money or coins for the increases, and let them buy DNA, anyway, they did not lose money …

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I enjoy this forum more these days lol more excitement

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The only problem I have with the boosts is they don’t seem to be part of the match-making formula so if you don’t boost and get matched against somebody that does or get matched against somebody who has more boosts than you then you are more than likely going to get crushed every time.

I see far more battles ending with 0-3/3-0 or 1-3/3-1 results than 2-3/3-2 results. That shows how far off the balance is in match-making as good balancing should see more close battle results.

I also think that damage should be reduced with hit points being increased and crit bonus being reduced. It should take 3-5 hits to kill a dinosaur instead of 1-3 which most of the time is 1 or 2 hits currently. No full battle should be able to be ended in 3 or 4 hits total. Crit hits should be a little extra damage causing an opponent to rethink the strategy they are currently using instead of a move that takes an opponent with full health out in one hit. Many dinosaurs have moves in their kits that are hardly usable because of them being able to easily be killed in 1 or 2 hits.

I keep hoping that changes are coming soon that will make PvP fun again but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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I don’t use stat boost and I just lose enough that I’ll finally win a few. It takes a while. Once a high level Thor comes out first and 1 shots me I just close the app and wait until I can battle again. I don’t care about where my rank is. I just want incubators. At this point Ludia should give you opt in AI from the start or do like I’ve suggested and give non stat boosted players their own battle mode.

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Many of us have reported in multiple threads that the mm/trophy algorithm is still not right. When you have relatively low level teams on the LB (they only get matched with similar teams and get easy battles) and players with maxed out uniques barely hanging on in Lockwood (when they used to be top 100) something is seriously out of whack.

Is anyone at Ludia paying attention? Idk…

when i started before the boosts many of my matches came down to 1 or 2 hits at the end with many matches ending with 2/3 or 3/2. it was very suspenseful and exciting, i had to pay attention to every move and fight tooth and nail to get the win just like my opponent. then suddenly most matches seem to be a wash, were 1 person is just crushing the other into the ground. but now it seems to be getting worse and very 1 sided after i broke 3500 trophies and i’m just fighting godzilla strength monsters who are also 3+ levels higher than me and faster than the raptor, as if i’m being punished for not buying all the boosts.

Matchmaking doesn’t work currently. If I can get matched with team of maxed dinos or average lvl 28, while my highest dinos are lvl 25, something is really wrong. Have boosted whole team, but opponents have boosted theirs too.

Seems weird that your facing those odds at 4K trophies.

That’s pretty much the same situation around the 5k mark - level and boost wise.

it seems to be they have added my boosts as levels while calculating my strength for matchmaking and the system is just completely ignoring my enemy’s stat boosts. its a very frustrating situation

I agree. The current situations actually give me no incentive to purchase anything in the game.

TLDR: Just skip it then and move on then.

First off, I refuse, simply refuse to get into the boost race. Once you start, to keep up you will eventually need to purchase ALL offered boosts. And yeah, I think they will be coming back. Ludia simply brought in too much revenue not to want to see it happen again. There are also players who have posted on here that they want them back for purchase. Many users will purchase all that are offered, even on a daily basis. More than enough to offset the loss of the cash cow that is VIP. This whole marketing plan has been extremely successful and users will happily purchase boosts now.

I still enjoy the hunting aspect but have no real reason to grind as I did before. Without boosting as much as others, I will continue to lose ground no matter how much I level up. I can enjoy leisurely building a crew and hope for the best. I can casually do strikes and my daily missions. And I do not have to invest any more real cash into the game now to enjoy those portions of it. They may have lost revenue from me, but will gain much more from others to offset that loss.