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Forefeit: Let me know your opinion on this

We need a forefeit button for All PvP matches including Tournaments.
How’s it useful:- Saves a lot of time for both the rivals. For instance say two Rival named A and B are in a fight. Where take A as an OP opponent for B like B has no chance he can takedown B. Since B can do nothing to defeat A, he simply forefeits the match. This way B can save more time and A can save his time too…
How does Trophy count be affected when forefeited?:- Take the same examples as above… So if B forefeits the match, then B will be awarded -30 Trophies as if he’s lost. And A gets a +30 Trophies along with an Incubator which he’s supposed to get if he wins naturally.
(Open for all suggestions)
And place your vote on what you think.
Disclaimer:- I understand a forefeit button can not decrease the number of droppers, but saves a lot of time for you to get back to your daily life quicker :slightly_smiling_face:.

  • Yes Please! Saves a lot of time.
  • Better if it’s there.
  • I don’t think it saves time in anyway.
  • I don’t think we need that.

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I came up with this thought after seeing people disconnecting from the game if they see me over powering them. Which really wastes my time to finish the match :frowning:


As someone who you brought this to my attention, I definitely support it for tournaments and pvp.


Good idea that you still lose and gain trophies, i think that is the most important part. Otherwise you could spam it without losing anything.
Of course it also makes it easier to drop, that’s a negative.


Another “once a week we have to shoot this down” post. No, plan and simple. Droppers would be able to free fall in 5 minutes, people would be able to help their friends climb, people would almost immediately begin complaining that they shouldn’t lose trophies… please see the other 100 threads where this idea has been thoroughly dismantled

  1. People already drop super easily, this would change nothing
  2. How are you supposed to consistently find your friend especially once they drop/climb out of your range
  3. Ignore them

Major yes please given it can easily take over an hour just to get 4 incubators, anything to shave minutes off that time would be greatly appreciated.

Even, if sometimes would be useful, forfeit button would be abused easily. Droppers wouldn’t need to change team at all, just press forfeit button. That means in less than hour dropper would be in Sorna or even lower, with its normal team. So that could turn into comical situations where both players would like to drop the match before start. One with better connection would lose.

You don’t need forfeit button. Just play your moves as fast as you can and you won’t waste much time in a match you can’t win.

Personally gladly take free wins, when opponent quit. Waiting 15 seconds for each attack is well worth of free 30 trophies. It there would be forfeit button, would battle much more, as would get hundreds of free trophies, cause of opponents forfeits.


Dropping takes hours, try it some time. You should go into every battle thinking you can win, I have personally been down 0-2 and won many times. Sometimes your opponent has 1 monster then is very beatable once you kill it, sometimes you need to learn and the people who you simply can’t overcome would become more common because Dropping can be fun. Lastly, your “ignore them” comment, are you serious? This whole forum is people saying please add this and change that so ignore them means what to you? Ignore what you disagree with? What "most people disagree with? Who determines what constitutes most people? It’s It’s ridiculous argument

That totally depends on you (who wants to forefeit after seeing a single monster). This is all dependent. A forefeit would save time for everyone not prevent any droppers. Droppers exist no matter what, unless there’s a rule against it. In the meantime why would we waste time on getting killed by the team that we can’t handle?

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Here me out,
I just forgot to add this…
What do you say if there’s a 24hr cooldown for the forefeit button after few uses? I mean you name the number.

You don’t need to waste time, just pick base attack few times and you lose fast.

Variuos discords and this forum are full of screenshots and complaints of players that face 5 or more lvls higher creatures. Many of them would drop a match just seeing first creature.

Many times you can win, even when you are 0-2 down. Sometimes, opponent has no counter for your last two creatures.

Forfeit button would be another unneccessary feature, that could make game even more buggy. Could see game freezing after clicking forfeit button or receiving raid invite in background. If unlucky, you could be locked out of game for hours.

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If I’m in an advantage tournament with my lv 20 trex and I fight someone with a boosted lv 30 rixs please let me just surrender

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Haha I’d rather forfeit than get a minute countdown because opponent disconnected I like this idea.

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I would rather have the opponent that is offering you to forfeit. Not the way that is suggested, it would be slightly better to slow down droppers.

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This discussion comes and goes every few months… It’s not as simple as it seems, there are things that would have to be considered, besides the droppers:

First of all, most people would forfeit EVERY MATCH as soon as they realized they would lose, which would be very annoying. Might not seem that important, but going to the end of a strategic hard match and winning is satisfying (especially when you chomp the butts of those rats and rhino-rats). It would be very frustrating to have opponents forfeiting before the final hit. Not to mention those that would let the countdow get to 0 every turn, emoting you, and them forfeiting in the last second (oh, we know this would happen!). So I would only be in favor of a forfeit option if we had a time limit, like a minute to forfeit or not.

Second, people would start matches and forfeit to get battles counted for missions. We could say that they just have to make it not count in case of a forfeit, like it happens in raids. But in that case it would have to count for the one who did not forfeit, or else it wouldn’t be fair with them…

And last but not least, it would probably have to be prohibited in tournaments. Or we could have people getting 30 medals after 30 medals in a matter of seconds. And this might be exploited somehow.


I think it could be handled by, if one forfeits, no one loses trophies (to avoid droppers) but at the same time, people who could stomp teams would never climb up and people would do it to never lose trophies… maybe a penalty for using it in that way

Then we would forfeit every match we were about to lose and no one would ever lose trophies…

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Nice Suggestion we can take it into an option too! Love it!

I considered that and there could be a penalty for it (loss of trophies for the forfeit abuser anyway, gain trophies for opponent)

Indeed! Not loosing Trophies after a forefeit is not an option! :+1:t2: