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Forefit Match Button PVP

HEY LUDIA I get why some super highlevels can lower there arena score just to get more Dna at the lower teirs its fun for them but dam how about a Forefit option in stead of forceing the losing player to watch his team get one shoted most of my team is 18 and22 at the most and being matched with some one with all 30 uniques ? what is the point if even trying to beat that ?



This has been posted many times and there are plenty of reasons against this. The main being it would be the end of the arena most likely and by extension the end of the game.


Tell me how a forfit button will end the game ?

For me it would make the game much better. Arena is too slow to be enjoyable and a forfeit option would save a lot of time. Some people are already doing this by AFKing battles they don’t want to complete making the other person wait for the timeout on every turn. Also an option to skip or speedup animations would be fantastic.

One of the current problem is arena droppers… Lame players who prefer to loose a bunch of games, often not even playing them (just starting it going AFK), so they can drop into lower arenas, then start playing for quick wins against lower level players. They think their time is more precious than legit players. Now, if you add a forfeit button, you just make this easier for those guys. They could hit forfeit 100 times, drop to any arena they want and pray on lower level players. In fact, I would say that those players who ask for a forfeit button are likely those who get stomped too often by arena droppers, so basically they are asking for an easier way to get stomped on!