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Forest/wilderness dino spawns

i think some creatures should spawn in places without roads like a forest or meadow, maybe aggressive creatures and creatures that want to stay hidden far away from roads. if this happens then players could explore these reagions with a reward of getting these creatures. ofcourse this would pose the danger of wild animals but there is a low chance one will attack a human and its up to the person to know the danger of an area where he/she is going

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I think forests should be full of deer too. And maybe add cave bear to forests. Though some cities may lack forests, which would be a huge disadvantage for them.

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the zones already add disadvantages so this wouldnt be a problem

At least one city can have all 4 zones at once unless it’s extremely tiny. Having to leave a city to find a forest adds even more disadvantages.

the game is about exploring anyways

all cities have parks so these could count as mini forests although the bear would be less common because the mini forest is smaller and less likely to have one but it could be full of the killer birds and deer.

yes. i meant wilderness/forest areas as just the parts without roads on the map,so a park could count but parks already have their own spawns