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Forestfall fen challenge builds

What are your builds for forestfall fen challenge? I can smash lightfinger in 5 minutes but I can only get 1 boss on the new challenge

I can get 3 dice, but it’s really hard. No, not because of the fight, but because I can’t get past a boss or two without having to restart a dozen+ times sine the dragon freezes. BUT

I’ve had great success with

Nayeli: -atk pants, block bangle, owl trinket
Tom: Epic weapon, heavy bag, disarm/push helm, restore flask
Hal: regen necklace, epic hood, restore pants,
Shev: Disarm zone hood, legend/rare spellbook, rare pants, silverhand

Saarvin could probably swap in for Shev since her dagger for me is level 15, 5 away from max and is most effective at higher levels. I did manage to beat the top dragon fight with this setup and heroes level 18-20 after numerous restarts vs freezing. You want to keep nayeli on the left with how all-attacks work with her owl. they hit “in order” even though they hit at the same time. This getup can fall apart against the front row of buff-stealing wights though, and the blood oozes can be dangerous. I’m sure others have found their own setups for the swamp.

As the duration of Forestfall is unduly lengthy while providing only meager rewards, it is not worthwhile to run Forestfall Fen. From my perspective, there is no sensible reason to ever bother with this challenge. I recommend running Lightfinger Estates instead.

Yes I agree. The jump in difficulty seems excessive

I agree - I can’t get past a single dragon due to freezing issue, so Im losing all my free challenges, and even if I could, Ludia’s decision to further throttle advancement by placing a coin spellbook in the 20 slot makes it not worth playing anyway. Really? Something I can get with a roll of 12 in a challenge two levels easier??

In hindsight I wish i hadn’t even cleared the dragon in explore mode.

I’ve gotten about half a million gold from the spellbooks and hero rooms so guess it depends on what rewards you find valuable.

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Two be fair, a 48 hour spell book that gives 40000 gold is better than a 3 hour spell book that gives 3000 gold. But I suspect most people who are high enough level to qualify for the challenge have more gold than they can spend already, so they are equally useless. Now, if they make a new spell book that doubles gem rewards for slot 20, I’d happily grind this challenge all day.

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