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Forestfall Fen Challenge Freezing

The challenge is still freezing. I can’t use my free challenge to get gold, gear, gems.
I wrote to support days ago and have had no reply and the issue is not fixed.

Stop using nayeli

Thanks. I can’t get anywhere without her block. So either way I can’t progress.

I have missed 3 days of free challenges and one daily quest and was just offered 150gold and 25 gems.
That’s in no way proportionate.
I’m feeling pretty annoyed.

Yeah, she made the place pretty easy with block and miss, but I stopped using her as fast as I wanted to start using her, sadly, once I learned here from the forums one of the freezing reasons. Think there might be another hero somewhere that does it too, but I dunno. Weird either way. 1 dice is better than no dice I suppose.

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I’ve been using Saarvin, Nayeli, Tommus & Halbenet with no freezes recently, still heavily doubt that Reflect damage. I occasionally make it through with 3 dice. But if I use Saarvin instead of Shevarith, I sometimes get halted at 1st room with that Level 43 spider… But I prefer it this way, as skipping a free challenge now and then is better than taking double time to go through them.

I was having the same issue until I removed the Serpentine Owl from Nayeli. I also swapped her rare halberd for her common halberd. I haven’t had an issue since.