Foreverwing and Shellfire battle issues

Has anyone had the predictive no-move-remaining mess up and not clear any tiles? Had a battle today where I had a move left with nearly my whole covered in vines. after the move was made (next to a vine hub), the vines broke (damaging my team), the board scrambles and the alpha took no damage.

The ballista bombs dont clear on combos. You could have a 10x combo and only clear the one bomb…
Is this intentional or not?


Another thing that seemly applies to all alphas pertains to it’s stun ability. For example with Foreverwing the stun tiles are red but from time to time 1 stun tile will count as more than 1. For example sometimes I activate a line blast with 1 stun tile within the line blast and instead of the counter going from 0 to 1 goes from 0 to 2. It doesn’t always happen, but it happens often, idk if I’m the only one who’s noticed this or not.