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Foreverwing Tile Bug

Has this been brought up or experienced? The vines isn’t covering nor should be touching the red color clearing special tile. I’m not able to tap to activate it or in the next turn, I should of been able to match it with 2 other reds but that didn’t work either and acts like vines are covering it.



Yes, I have experienced this bug once.

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Maybe the bug occurred because a red tile was covered by a vine, so it isn’t allowing the red special tile to work. Regardless, it should be looked into

That has happened to me a number of times. Super frustratung, alomg with the other persistent Foreverwing bugs. But somehow it’s just especially irritating when the special tiles won’t activate even when they’re not covered with vine

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Hey Yohomie, I’m sorry you were experiencing this issue! Please reach out to our support team here at with your support key. It’d really help with our team’s investigation and allow our team to try and make this right for you.