Foreverwing's ability adjustment

I would like to make a suggestion about the foreverwing’s ability.
it is way too overloaded to the point where it can block basically the entire board


Nice thing is when he gets full, board shuffles and you typically get a good attack off i good when only move is off alpha

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While can’t deny that a lot of curses were spelled when fighting this treant knockoff, but I wouldn’t call him in need of adjustment. Very random, very annoying, but it can also be used to shuffle the entire board as Talisax said. It’s probably the one alpha where I wouldn’t recommend a 3 dragon stack. It could work, but if it doesn’t - other Alphas can punish you for like 15-20k damage, this one recently ended with 11k. Haven’t seen these numbers for months. You definitely don’t want to have 2 dead colors when the board is compromised.

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Since the update, Foreverwing tends to always target our special tiles with the ability. I see this Alpha as one of the most strongest. Foreverwing needs the ability adjusted to target random tiles than special tiles to be more balanced.
Bewilderbeast is fine now and doesn’t take king of the hill anymore, good. But Shellfire… It’s crazy. Considering i mentioned high risk reward, just about every single shellfire that spawns is guaranteed to be defeated. Why can ballistas do so much damage unlike Screaming Deaths bomb? There’s no balance. It took 4hrs and 10 minutes to take an 8* shellfire down since it spawned. Again crazy… There must be a better solution.



Eh, what do you @Talisax and @Wirxaw mean by “entire board shuffle”?

I think one can learn how to circumvent both the vine growth and the Foreverwing’s countermeasure to our special tiles. I don’t know about you, but I still can burst those tiles at it. But… sometimes it can make more time, and… I end up striking less.

It needs nerfing, no argument there.

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I guess they’ll fix one Alpha and another will go rogue. That’s how it will be. We can’t have everything, now can we?

They mean that when the vines take over enough tiles to prevent further matching, all the vines dissapear, the board will reset and will shuffle for new matches to be made.


Really? I am not exactly sure that happens, but I will try to watch closely and see for myself.

It happens when there are no moves