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Forfeit battle button!

The pvp system randomly selects 4 of your creatures and selects an opponent with creatures “closest” to your 8 total creatures stats. This can sometimes leave players with a class, level and stat disadvantage. In other words no hope of winning. Yet we are forced to either keep wasting our time playing or waste our opponents time by just sitting the phone down or closing the app and trying again later. Tactical retreat option would be nice here. I surrender just give them the win. I want to start a new battle. People would not get so mad about the matching system if it was not rubbed in their faces every time it fails. Forfeit battle button please!!!


We have a forfeit option. Just close the app =)

But seriously, if you’re in such a disadvantage that you need to immediately forfeit without even battling, then I believe it’s your team’s fault for not being balanced enough… Or if it’s because the opponent is too strong, than just let it beat you… it’s extremely easy and fast…


I know when I come across tier 7 level 30s I think there’s no way, but have pulled off some pretty interesting wins. One mistake and it costs even the best team the battle. We have all been there! Gotta give it your best shot regardless. Good luck!

Sometimes you just got to stick it out if all you get is one take down toward your daily but, yea, there is that occasional super Road Runner speed’d Thor that one shots your whole team.

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I never find myself in need of immediately forfeiting. But after say losing my first creature and damaging my second to kill my opponents first only to have his second be just as bad. I’d rather just give him the win than waste the time dying.

But in that situation it’s like 10 seconds to just die and move on XD

10 secs too much lol

That’s giving up too fast.

Managed to win many times when I was down 0-2. You just need one dino to turn things around.

I only hate situations where last two dinos are low health and opponent is faster.


yes that is a forfeit moment. No hope of winning just quit now and try again

That is frustrating, speed boosted to outrageous levels. I have mine up there, but when everything I have is too slow it is super frustrating.

Sometimes they save the big hit and choose the base and you bring in the one you know is going to get one shot and then it doesn’t.

Ya, like leaving the rat with 7 HP only to have it rengen and leave. Do I want to watch it come back and kill my team or just quit now?

I’m fine with a forfeit option as long as they are penalized by losing extra trophies and the winner gains extra. I don’t want my time wasted on a rage quitter. It can take 10-15 minutes to find a match and i want to play when i finally get one.

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I am guessing you are in the 5000+ range and do not do any AI matches do to lack of trophy gains. I would also guess that at that level you don’t see all the mismatches the lower levels see. When you find a match it should actually be good even match. Perhaps forfeiting matches in that range should have higher costs do to the issues you stated.

Arena is at the same time both dissapointing and exciting. You can lose 123 matches in a row against the worst teams and you can also win against a tier 10 boosted level 30 Thor and DC because RNG was on your side.

Frustration? Try battling. You will be surprised on the matches your can win just trying.

Ok, before I get anymore of these comments. Try battling or unbalanced teams or whatever. My high score is 4707.So, I have done my share of battling. I don’t mind losing a match 2 to 3 and if I have to play the whole match I am going to fight like a countered dog even if it is 0/3. But sometimes it’s 5+ matches of being mismatched and fighting tooth and claw just to get one kill per battle. I am just tried of wasting time finishing a battle that cannot be won when I could just surrender and start a new battle. I don’t have to wait 10 mins to find another opponent yet. I could be in a new battle in less time than it takes to finish one I am losing. If got a bad match whatever just let me surrender so I can spend my time playing the fun challenging battles and not the hopeless ones.

Just close the app xd. It’s what I do when a player pulls an all maxxed boosted rat lol who cares anymore at that point.

Fair enough. Bot forfeiting a match should lose you double the trophies.

There will probably be people ranting/swearing on forums at opponents who refused to forfeit the match though.

lol, people getting upset about people refusing to forfeit and others getting mad about players leaving matches because they enjoy fighting weaker opponents and watching them get ratted to death. All I want is to start the next battle as soon as the current one is a total loss and not have to wait for it to finish much less reload the entire game. It’s like those chess matches were someone is down to just the king left and just keeps moving them around until to finally checkmate them.