Forfeit battle

It was brought up a couple years ago, but can we get a forfeit function added? Some battles can be pointless from the get go and end up being a waste of time


Would make dropping a lot easier, or prevent people from being able to lose trophies because they can just forfeit


I hear this argument all the time. It’s better than just walking away and letting the time run out, which is what people do now.


How would you purpose to fix the two problems that I just listed and then I will support the idea of a forfeit but until then I won’t.

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If they don’t lose trophies then they won’t drop from forfeiting.

Have a time limit for forfeit.

I do that, or I use the weakest Dino and basic attacks. Just depends what I got going on.


But then I’ll just use forfeit to prevent myself from losing trophies and negating my opponent from winning any

Agreed that you would have to lose trophies from a forfeit.

I think it is better than what happens in drops now, but it’s a mute point as Ludia has no interest in changing it or stopping droppers. Droppers make people mad, and might make them buy more boosts. Ludia likes it when people buy boosts. If people could simply forfeit they would not get angry and therefore would be less likely to buy boosts.
Now you have to sit there while the floor gets mopped with your team. You get mad, swear revenge and buy boosts.
Ludia wins! :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:


Opponent should get the win.

If there is a time limit or turn limit for the forfeit, then last minute forfeits to avoid losing trophies won’t matter.

Honestly, I could lose some trophies and I wouldn’t care. Lose 10 trophies for a forfeit or something, just so long as I can move on and not waste mine or my opponents time.

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Or people walk away. Family of four and we play together and quit together since the games release.


Yep, that right there :point_up:

The thing is newer people are experiencing the droppers might, they won’t know that is someone that is personally dropping but will think that the game is just trying to infuriate them and they will uninstall. There are very few people in this world that when they lose they will try to buy more and those people have already found different mobile games to stuff their money into

That is what the entire Ludia business model is predicated on. People will lose, get mad, and then boost. They are a gambling company and understand how people will invest invest more to turn around their fortunes, even if it is a losing proposition (sunk cost fallacy). And hey, it seems to be working.


Do devs actually look at this forum, or is talking about it here a pointless action? Just wonder if I should bother checking back, probably not since this has been discussed multiple times over the years.

This would be a valuable add and greatly improve the game fornthe majority of people.

Yep, you got it - pointless.

The mods have been clear that coming here makes the devs sad and upset :disappointed_relieved:, so they don’t bother. Management does not come here either, as they do not make money :moneybag: by listening to the average players.

It has been suggested that the forum could even go away under the new owners, as there is not a lot of point to it, outside of us complaining to each other, some fun artwork, a few dino suggestions (that they do not listen to), and the occasional fake poll from Ludia. :man_shrugging:

For any bug reports they just tell us to send an email to support. A chatbot could easily do that.

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Thank you for that. In that case I’ll stop checking in on this.

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I am going to the darkside and am just going to let myself fall out of aviary. To busy to waste my time with fights I don’t stand a chance in

Getting so done with pvp. The one good thing with arg (which also appears to had a speed nerf?) was it gave you a fighting chance against the cheats & ptp’s that hide in lower arenas. I know I’m a good battler & ill give most things a go but I just needed 6 battles to get 2 incubators in ruins, never happened before. Of the 24 opposing dinos, 4 were apexes, 6 legendaries, 13uniques, with 1 epic, & all but one were level 21 & over (mine are 16/17). One player was a maxed level 20. If it keeps up like that I’ll end up just jacking it in which I’d be gutted about as I’ve spent a significant amount of time over the last month grinding to where I am.

Agreed they can’t seem to fix the dropping issue and won’t give us the tools to at least minimize the frustration on our end.

Ruins is just as bad, that’s where I am (read about my fun night a few posts up!!).