Forfeit is necessary passed 3500

Ok… so I realize now that the 3500 cap hasn’t been implemented yet but seriously the difference between 3400 and 3500 is multiple levels. I have to lose a few times to lose enough rank to even be close to the dinos I’m battling. Please add a give up option to battle. It would save so much time for both the OP players and the underdogs. Let me take the loss… I’ll gladly queue in a lower tier that matches my team. As it is, there is a serious wall that FTP and PTP players meet and it is just completely unbalanced.

It doesn’t get any better im afraid. I was stuck at 3500 for a while. I’m now at 4000 and face indoraptor and multiple unique dinos most games.

Bumping this.

I don’t care if I lose, but I’m going to end up rage quitting if I have to sit through to many more battles that I cant win.

Clash Royale has it, so you can do it.