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Forfeit option

Why would anyone think is a good idea NOT to have a forfeit/give up option?
There are battles that you CLEARLY are going to lose. Enduring them is pure torture and kills the desire to play. If there was a forfeit option, you would simply give up on the trophies and quickly move on.


Yea, I agree. There’s no point in trying to fight a Thoradolosaur that can outspeed everything in your team.



Yes Please!


You can have one if you want but I would never use it. Plenty of times I have dug a hole that I thought was insurmountable and pulled it out in the end. Life has been pretty easy for you if losing a mobile game pretend battle is your definition of “torture”. :beach_umbrella:


It is not a torture to lose, it is a torture having to sit through the whole fight knowing you’ve already lost. Is this hard to understand?


When you’re the clear loser, just admit defeat and bow your head in shame and see the last blows wipe out the rest of your team. It never takes long.
Forfeit button is a waste of developer time. Where would it even be on the screen?
Keep it simple.


It would probably take longer to go through the “give Up” animation screens than it is to just keep hitting the basic strike button to get it over with. If it is that lopsided, hit strike 3 times: 3 up, 3 down…It is over and move on.

If they are just larger than you would like, hit them and go for at least one takedown towards your DBI. That is one less battle for you.

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Reason to not have a forfeit option:

Prevents collusion where players help push one player up in trophies in a tournament.


just spam your weakest attack until you lose. If the game is THAT bad to you, you should probably quit


It’s more profitable to have players sit through rage inducing matches so they are pressured to spend.


Right in the middle of the attack buttons so that people would accidentally press it of course!

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And this is the reason it should never be implemented…

We already in the brief history of this game had the spoofer alliance almost win a tournament back before seasons were a thing.

And the spoofer alliance is mostly back on the leaderboard… in prime position to feed victories again just to win one.

Don’t agree for such thing.

Just fight. Even if you think you gonna lose, just fight. Trying to get at least 1 or 2 enemy takedown should be your goal in such situation.

Seem like a bunch of you are quitters. Maybe this game is not for you then.


Unfortunately it would be abused in the, battle missions, people would agree to forfeit a battle in friendly battles after 2 seconds and move to the next so they can hit up to 20 batles x member in 1 minute.


“Winners never quit. Quitters never win. But if you never win and you never quit, there’s something wrong with you.”

Ok. Opponent has Thor. Thor is faster than any of my dinos and can 1-hit each of them. It is a really good use of my time to try real hard to win it…

It could not be available in friendly battles. There’s no point really, since dinos are equal levels. You can always win with some luck. Although there’s also really no point in winning. I don’t even get why friendly battles exist, actually.

Well in friendly battles you can actually try dinos you wouldn’t usually in the arena because you can’t spend boost in them but they are fun to use.

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Maybe add a timer. How about after 1 minute you’re allowed to use the forfeit option.