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Forget Draco, Procerathomimus is the thing

I Don’t fight this Dino too often, but when I do it kills most of my strongest unique dinosaurs.
A level 21 took down my 25 indo and my 23 tryko yes there was a lot of RNG involved 3 times it used evasive stance 9 dodges more if you count the counter attacks of the tryko those were also all dodges.
I mean these stats for an epic hybrid?!

Speed 131 one of the fastest dinosaurs in the game
Immune to all negative effects
Remove positive effect swap-in
Distracting rampage 2x Damage! + instant Distraction -90% Damage
At level 21 it already has +1k base damage

This is the second time I had the dodge mayhem anyone else had this before?
Level up this dinosaur it might be the answer to a lot of your problems it can kill the most powerful unique Dino’s in-game.


I sure someone on these forums has a overleved Kevin that’s out there destroying everything in their path.


But does it have swap in DSR?
No? Well, people are still spamming draco…


Yoshi needs a nerf? Maybe a little, but give it a Superhybrid.

OP isnt asking for a nerf.

I swear every time I fight one of these things it crits me. Lol
It has a way higher crit chance than 5%.


I was about to take one out with my Indom, but it dodged and took it out with DR.

It is a strong dino, no doubt, but Thoradolosaurus, Erlidominus, Stegodeus, Tragodistis, Gigaspikasaurus and others can make a quick work out of it.

Also, it’s literally glass. If it doesn’t dodge or don’t use the instant when it should, it is over for Proceratomimus.


Yoshi is Transparent Glass Lol


Just another dodge bird.
I think his moveset comes with a cost: less health then monomimus.
Idk if procera has less health, but if it does, it’s more fair.

Not transparent :wink:

Or is it?

That’s coming from someone with a lvl 24 Proceratomimus.

Oh, not to mention, it has such low health that even a Trykosaurus counter or a Distracted Thoradolosaurus hit will put it into Jumbo Rat range.

I am not saying it couldn’t be a bit less strong. Maybe. But not when we have abominations like Dracoce-Rat-OP-s, Trykosaurus and Erlidominus running loose.


If anything, it needs a nerf :joy:

Nerf everything!!


It’s highly RNG dependent tho, there are plenty of Dino’s that could OHKO it first turn if it doesn’t dodge.

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Monomimus and Proceratomimus both have 2700 health at lvl 26.

But Monomimus should be 3000 after the speed nerf anyway.


Procera is my Spino/Magna/Rinex killer. She can handle other uniques but she MUST dodge.


Some tanks can do well against it, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that… Certainly it will get nerfed. I’m sure of it. It’s Ludia new Monomimus-like bait…

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Don’t hurt my baby :sob::sob::sob:

As soon as I see it, I throw the Dracoceratops at it if I have it before it can go evasive.
I usually save Draco for late, but you cant let Procera go unchecked.
It’s a Queen chess piece in my book.

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Its kit is decent. I want to use it, but it depends on rng. Without really good luck, mine dies quickly. And honestly, SI nullify is useless because it will just eat a DSR or DSI when used.