Forget MM, just fix arena so I can fight

Current mm aside, can I at least pick a move in a battle? 5 out of 8 fights today my dino sits there when counter hits 0. Not going to say I would have win them all but I know I would have had a chance given what I had set up. And please dont tell me to clear cache or restart phone. You cant do that DURING a match. Even tried on sons phone and account and ran into this

I couldn’t make a single attack after I lost 1st dino. And my 4th was draco. Restarted game 3 times hoping after next move it would let me play. Nope.

I dont need the support email. I have it and they are no help. Wifi, 4g, no difference. Basically after first dino death (mine or theirs) it will either work or not.

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I doubt these glitches will be fixed anytime soon, or at all.

Your best bet is to restart as soon as the glitch happens. But even then its not a guarantee as you witnessed first hand

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