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Forgo or megalo?


Should I fuse megalo? He’s got a good counter attack but no defense breaking ability.
Gorgo is also a little faster.


Gorgo isn’t really good now

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Megalo is a beast at a higher level(at least 20). I have benched my Megalo till he reached 21. Until this level, I have used my Gorgo(level 18) and She was a beast too. And there is no comparison between these two dinos, as each of them plays a very different role.


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Megalo is a lot like tryox IMO…

It needs to be leveled up to earn its spot, but once its full grown, it really does pull its weight

What do you think @Calebrys ?

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That 1100 basic damage, along with that Amour piercing counting is real class. If your megalo didn’t slowed/stunned, opponent is dead with hardly one shot.

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Meg’s attack and the counter are great. I love her HP the most, though. It’s just enough to be able to take most big hits on a swap-in, swap out again, then come back later and take a smaller hit. It allows me to spread out opp’s damage in a way that’s beneficial to me rather than them.

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forgo the gorgo, go megalo, yo.


Would really looking forward to watch how your Meg plays, if you can record a match along and post it here.


pls record megalo vs utari or dilo


There is no vs match there usually, not until the swap move.


This is the latest video I have. Not sure if she appears in the others.

I don’t have megalosuchus as yet but I’m continuing to level up my gorgosuchus as it’s done me proud throughout my time playing. I wouldn’t discount it entirely.


I think I also have one where the opponent Megs ME lol


Your real hero(in this match) is Tryostronix. I thought you would be on the loosing side. But there he enters. Lol


Nah, Meg was the hero. Tryo was only able to do what it did because Meg ate that Dilo GSR, allowing me to tank the swap with Dio and have Mono set up for the Tryo finish :ok_hand:t2:


I’m just gonna leave this right here: :popcorn:


Gorgosuchus is a monster. If your opponent’s team cannot counter Gorgo’s strategy, it’s game over.

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Both are great. Gorgo is actually very useful again. With cleansing can counter bleeders.

My Megalo (lvl 17) is benched until lvl 20 at least. Anyway, counter attackers can be useful. It also depends on your gameplay.


Absolutely right Hersh! Megalo is a package deal… it’s all about the investment. With that armor piercing counter, I’ve taken down dinos that didn’t see it coming. Quite versatile, and she can turn the match around. When it comes to finishing your opponent with a little health left, I love to swap in meggie and let them k.o. themselves lol. Megalo is a survivor that can pack a punch, and take a lot of damage. Giving an additional 1,000+ damage bypassing armor each round is a blessing… and up to 1500 ap counter when buffed. Love using her against tanks like stegodeus. Megalo’s combo use of shield >ferocious> critical won’t disappoint. Let’s not forget the potential crits with each counter as a bonus on top when buffed with ferocious. Meggie is in my starter 4 if we get to pick our dinos!! :smile:

Meggie dropped a fresh stegodeus to minimal health, and forced it to swap. Don’t underestimate this beaut :heart_eyes: