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Forgoten update?

Did you notice maiming and scratching wound is unavaible in this game


There are no dinos listed for it :slight_smile:

Wasn’t there a “Greater Pounce” move in the game code at one stage? And some others?

Be interesting to see if Maiming Wound ever gets a dino assigned to it, though…

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Greater pounce? Where you see it

A long time ago MetaHub released an article from a datamine where they found all these cool new moves.

There is also long cloak, ambusing scream, and intimidating rampage. Been coded since 1.3. Means nothing

Why do scratching, gashing, and maiming wound have a swap symbol? We at least know for sure gashing wound isn’t a swap in or out move

Oohhh yeah. I forgot Maiming Wound was supposed to be a thing! lol They might have turned it into Lethal Wound, or the could’ve simply realized how it would’ve been way too OP and decided against it. But this is Ludia we’re talking about. The company that originally thought Swap in Shattering Rampage was fine with a 1 turn bind and then clearly didn’t learn their lesson with Swap in Null. lol