Forgotten Creatures of the game

Well - now that the game is giving attention to the fallen creatures of the game why not mention the forgotten apexes.
For a while it has been the biggest challenge in the game to get all apex raids done. Players built different raid dinos to be successful. The possibility of buying apex dna made them reachable in way less time. Some have been quite op so sooner or later all of them heavily got nerfed. We also have the option of using fused apexes now which makes it even harder to keep up but also intetesting.
Having a closed look now makes clear the old apexes like Cera or Hadros are completely forgotten and heavily underperforming.
So my suggestion is: give them back some abilities so they can be active parts of the game again.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Cera and Hadros are completely fine. They are actually quiet balanced now compared to most of the uniques. Especially considering the fact that they are easier to optain than most uniques they are definitely strong enough.
The problem is that there are just too many broken dinos nowadays. But the only way to fix the meta without making powercreep worse is to nerf the broken creatures and not by buffing some few weaker creatures.


I disagree with you
Cera trebax Haast and hadros are complete garbage even for uniques and while it’s true that some op dinos need a slight toning down that doesn’t mean annihilating the entire meta


Cera, Hadros and Haast are not worse than things like Tryko, Spyx, Gem, Ardent, Lania, … and are definitely better than many others like Erlidom, Vexus or Smilo.

I am not talking about annihilating the whole meta. Just bring the 18 tyrants to the same level as the average high elite creature. This would bring the amount of creatures in this tier to 45 and would mean a huge improvement to the diversity in this boring meta. In addition this would also allow you to use creatures from even lower tiers in your team for some specific roles… usually they do not get completely annihilated by the high elite creatures but for sure from the OP tyrants. In the end this would make teambuilding and strategy relevant again while in the current meta most matches are just decided by the creatures you draw.

Those tyrants are the meta

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I always cringe when I see this comment. All the raid Apexes take a year to level up. Is the process easy? Depends how you look at it. You need to be there 52 weeks in a row, get 3 other players with you. Get the right dinos for the job, which may be hard since some strategies require top dinos, hope Ludia doesn’t change any dino during a year so you don’t have to scramble for another strategy.

On the other side, while you can build up some Unique doing raids (so I guess easy for you as well), you can also simply collect the DNA. One of the most OP Unique right now is Thor. Guess what, everybody can get the DNA for it in a few weeks since it’s component are everywhere, and most alliances fill any DNA request in a matter of minutes…

So, yes, any dinos are “easy to make”. It just depends if you want it in a few weeks, or in a year I guess! (or if you have a very fat wallet?)

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To decide if something is easy to achieve it does not matter how long in total it takes you but how much you need to grind for something. That is at least my point of view.

Why do you take Thor as a comparison? Of course it is too strong for how easy it is to get since the last buff.
Why don’t you take creatures like Tryko or Smilo into consideration? You need about 70k epic DNA to max them out. For an Apex you just need Discord and max 30 mins per week. (everybody who says this is wrong is either in the wrong Discord groups or Alliance or is just trying to get carried through the raids with his low level creatures and therefore does not deserve to unlock OP creatures yet.) So, what is a bigger struggle… get 70k epic DNA or sitting for max 30 min per week on your coutch?

But it is actually not worth to discuss this (and also not the topic of this thread) as you can simply have a look at the teams from players in lower arenas like Aviary to see that usually they have their Apex at higher levels than their uniques.

Of course… And that is exactly what needs to get changed. There should not even be a reason for a tyrant tier.

I completely agree with this sentiment. Everyone says raidable apexes are sooo easy to level when it takes a lot of dedication to raid week after week. One has to find a willing team and coordinate in order to succeed.

Without extensive coordination and the use of a third party app like discord, the experience can be quite challenging. If you don’t believe me, try and beat the apex raids using the autojoin feature in the raid lobbies and see how “easy” it really is.

Beating all of the apex raids in just 30 minutes is pretty unrealistic. And given how many already have the apexes to 30, finding 3 other willing raid participants is likely more challenging. At least it is in my alliance, since most either have leveled to 30 already and/or don’t have the time to help with multiple raids.

Not saying uniques are all that easy either, but i think you’re really overstating how easy obtaining and leveling the raidable apexes are. A lot of effort goes into completing apex raids, and thus I would not consider them “easy”.

Andrewtops Parasauthops Albertospinos and Phorurex are all better than those can be fused and have raids as well so what is your point?

It is of course max 30 min per Apex. I don’t compare unlocking 1 unique to unlocking all apex.

I actually made two separate points which do not need to get mixed up:

  • Cera, Hadros and Haast (which this thread is about) are strong enough for how hard/easy they are to unlock.
  • There are creatures way too broken (from different rarities) which needs to get fixed.

I don’t want so say that all uniques are harder to achieve and therefore should be better than apex. No creature (doesn’t matter if unlocked through fusing, raids or both) should be OP.

They’re overall easier to get since you can work on all the raid apex (7) at the same time wheras you can only get so many uniques at the same time, except the easy ones like grinch, phoru and thor which you can get by doing almost nothing.

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Lol what apex has been forgotten. Maybe hast but probably not

Well, “at the same time”, you can also do 4 awesome Uniques (Currently: Andrewtops, Parasauthops, Albertospinos and Phorurex and two of those are in the top 8 dinos currently!!!).

And doing all 7 Apex raids, everyday, in 30 minutes each time, you have to be a very selfish crew! You have to always do the raid with the same 3 players, at a set time, every days of the week, with no regard for your alliance members. Weekends included.

Yes it would be nice if we could simply say, I’m available for 3 hours on tuesday night and I want to do all 7 Apex at once, but we can’t. Once again, those who think it takes only 30 minutes do do an Apex raids are those who have a thigh schedule and always do them with the same 3 other players, otherwise, they would know that getting 4 players together take longer than that. And that doesn’t even account for invite problems, bugs, errors, etc, when you have to do it over and over…

If it was easy, as SirSwapALot said, we would all do Apexes with Autofill! :wink:

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I know you can’t do them in one day, what I meant is that you can work on all of them weekly which means 7 creatures. Also you don’t need to be selfish about it. For the ones who use discord or similar apps to plan raids they don’t need the three same persons every time they raid. You’re only selfish if you use carry strats.
As for working on four uniques at a time, well it would surprise me if a player that recently reached level 18 could do that and get the four uniques to level 26 before getting any of the apexes.
Also since starts exist you don’t need to think too much while doing them unless the boss lands a crit or something. I see raids more as a chore than fun gameplay, though fun gameplay is pretty rare in this game.

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