Forum: Can we get rid of community flags?

This features gets more abused than it actually helps. Certain people, I guess you only need 1 or 2 flags, flag every post they don’t like or agree with. People need to stop to get offended over everything they read and don’t like. Until then, can me please remove this feature? It destroys more than it helps. An internet forum is a place where different opinions are expressed and, in this casen, also where people voice their frustration over game design decisions they don’t understand/like. There is no need for an additional forum internet police besides the mods that, to be fair, really don’t censor inconvenient oppinions at all.

Edit: Even posts with many likes get hidden just because 1 person doesn’t share your opinion. A small minority of people shouldn’t decide what posts are ok and which are not.


I’d propose leave it. Whatever gets flagged is a MUST READ for me…


It is taking everything in me to not flag this comment… But I agree so much with it that, even how funny it would be to me, makes it not worth it.


ikr… Flagged comments are more interesting than 90% of the comment population


Some legitimate posts do get flagged but there are a lot of pointless and silly posts that do need to be flagged (I think I’ve only ever flagged two myself since May).

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Can we stop pretending that posts get flagged by the “community”? It is quite obvious that there are no users involved in most of the cases.

It doesn’t work like that. When a post is flagged by many users, mods check it. If it’s in fact against forum rules, it remains hidden. If it’s not, then it becomes visible again. Unpopular opinions are never hidden by flags, as long as they don’t break the rules.

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how was this not taken down for necro posting?

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