Forum Censorship


If we can’t freely criticize your game and make comparisons to other AR games
that means you don’t listen and you’ll lose your player base fast. SmartSelect_20180615-092930_Samsung%20Internet|270x500


Hi! We welcome all types of critiques and discussion, however, there are also forum rules in affect. We will not censor, moderate or delete any posts that follow the forums rules.

We are also aware the people’s posts are being unnecessarily flagged and that they are getting “Temporarily Hidden” messages which does look a lot like us trying to censor your posts. Please know that a set of human eyes review all flagged posts and approve those that are erroneously flagged or moderate those that are violating forum rules. This process does take time however which is why we are looking for way to improve the auto-flag system.

I hope this helps clear things up!