Forum Game - Make a Dino Overpowered with a single change!

Ok the aim of this game is to make a single change to a dinosaur that currently in-game, that would make it completely overpowered!

Ill start with a few:

Dino: Indoraptor
Change: Immunity
How is it OP: Cant be slowed nor have its damage nerfed!

Dino: Indominus Rex
Change: Shield breaking!
How is it OP: A cloak boosted attack would be able to kill anything in the game as it wouldn’t be possible to mitigate the attack in any way, shape or form!

Dino: T-rex
Change: Speed increase from 102 to 131
How is it OP: It would outspeed almost everything in the game so would almost always go first. Coupled with its ability to break shields and bypass armour, there wouldn’t be much that could stand a couple of hits from it!

Ok guys and gals, your turn! :blush:


Monomimus : Counter Attack

Stegodeus : Immunity

Ankyntro : Immunity

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Iguanadon - 1800 base attack


spinotosuchus: 40% armor
tryostronix: deploy shield after using ready to crush
velociraptor: cloak
trex: 40% armor or immunity or swap in strike
giga: immunity

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Epic Rex: Defense Shattering Superiority Strike. It gains a speed advantage, and many 2-hit kills ensue. Shields? What shields?

Give every dino a passive dodge ability, and the playing field just got leveled. (Note: nullify only works on active abilities, not passive. Good luck getting a hit in on anything once RNG leaves you high and dry…)

Swap in Nullification Strike for Ankylocodon. Swap it in on an Irex or Iraptor right after they activate cloak… or at least they thought it was activated a second ago. “Wait, he can see me?
Fudge Puddles!!” Just swapping Anky in on a Monomimus would be hilarious:

Mono: “Haha! Hit this, if you can!”

(Evasive Strike)

(Player swaps in Anky)

Anky: “Okay. Here ya go.”

(Nullifying thump, the sound of a record scratching as Mono suddenly slams to a halt)

Not the best battle tactic, but it is an annoying one… :joy::joy::joy::joy::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Loving the responses so far :smiley:

Dino: Monomimus
Change: Instant Invincibility
How is it OP: Lol you really need to ask?

Dino: Velociraptor
Change: Instant Charge
How is it OP: Wouldn’t matter if you slowed it with SS, it could bypass it and stun you!

JWA : no connectivity issues

:joy: low blow, but had to shoot my shot :dart:

Side note: @Stiffeno a T. rex with a speed of 131!! Heck yesss! :sweat_smile:


Tryostronix- Swap in Ready to Crush


Dino: Velociraptor
Change: Swap-In invincibility

Dino: Trex
Change: Swap-In Speed up

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Brachiosaurus raptor pounce the animation on that would be awesome😂

Raptor - long invincibility
Stegodeus - dodge or cloak
Rex - speed 132 or 40% armour

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Nice ones there :smiley:

Dino: T-rex
Change: Immunity


Superiority strike
Greater stunning rampage
Can’t stun the stunner

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Aww man that would be GAME BREAKING ahaha! Unstunable Stunner lol

Just give everyone superiority strike

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They already have, its called Stegodues :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

Give pyrritor immunity and swap in ready to crush!

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Any dino:
133 speed, 10000 attack, 10000 hp.

Did I win this game?


I can end this discussion!

Give all dinosaurs in the game swap in 5 move instant invincibility ( non nullified)

Perfect solution no one loses and no one wins😱

The dinosaurs just dance around

All Ready to Crush Dinos:
RtC now includes 1 turn invincibility

Sounds like the original bird strike events