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@Ned, do you have any insight into what is going on with the forums? It’s been a week or two now where the option icons have disappeared, see screen shot below. It’s this way not only on my phone iOS, but also on my PC which is windows.

A few other folks have also mentioned the issue.


@Sionsith, @Ned, and on my tablet which is android.

@Sionsith @Tommi, thanks for letting us know! We’ll be sure to look into it ASAP.

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above is still an issue as well as when I go to flag a post through the more “…” this is what I see for options:

There are no descriptions next to any of the check bubbles.

also when trying to flag from the flag button this is what I see:



Hello @Ned, are there any news on this issue. My editor still looks like

Not a solution, but it’s a text color issue on the lack of quoted text. If you don’t know, the text will show up when highlighted. Does anyone know how to change your color settings?

@Tommi, I usually use the mobile site which does have a picture icon.

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Mine is still the same

Since yesterday I got an ‘internal server error’ when I try to make a post. The post appears but it also remains in edit mode. I then have to cancel my post, otherwise it appears twice.
Is this only me?

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Nope same thing happens to me but I don’t see what the message is on my phone…

I don’t see the message too but if I press the ‘back’ button on my Android tablet it appears for one second.

I’m getting it too. You can highlight text and select all to read this or any other message. That said, my messages appear to be posting even though I get the error message

The problem is that there are no icons visible for months (or years), so it is not so easy to highlight text.

I’m also getting the internal server error popup.

My first post on this is 11 hours old, @Ned where are you?

We’re aware of this everyone :sweat:. Sadly, we can’t do anything on our side as it’s a larger server issue. It should be fixed soon!

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I also have been unable at all to edit any of my posts. It tells me there’s an “edit conflict” and that someone else has edited the post. The forum just seems to be really nerfed right now.

Actually seems like my edit on another post DID show up, I just had to leave the page and come back to see it. Continue to find other forum bugs though. Like replying to my post above, brings up that post in the reply box when it should be blank.

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Has anyone else noticed that the notifications of new or updated topics and last visited topics are no longer accurate.
I’m experiencing this since yesterday.
For example:
I leave the forum for five minutes and when I return I get the notification that 16 topics are new or updated, but the newest topic is 16 minutes old.

Yes, it has been doing that to me too. Probably some cookie issue.

Me as well.