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Forum Mentioned in the Game!

This awareness will be of great help to players who weren’t on Social Media and hence not being able to view Bug Fixes or Warnings (such as the ICL and Segnosaurus CoT).

Not all JWTG players will immediately join the Forum, of course, but we can be sure that we’ll have more members through a mention to the Forum in-game. Even if players don’t make accounts yet, they’ll now know where to go if they have a query or want to shed light on a bug they experienced.

Nice move, Ludia! :smiley:

EDIT : Just realised that if you look closely, you can see one of our old Forum contributor DaWise’s old pfp! And some pfps of other members too…!


The one aside the number 26 right?

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Yes :smile:

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I remember his old pfp. Tbh i thought for the longest time that his pfp had a horse instead of the dino :joy:


Now I’m really missing him, the forum was so active before he quit JWTG. Now also it’s active, no doubt… but not the same.