Forum Rules and Appeals Process


Welcome to the Ludia Forums! Below we have outlined some basic rules we’d like our community members to follow so that everyone can enjoy the space. Our Forums are currently only available in English but we hope to expand to other languages in future! On to our rules.

Basic Rules: Please don’t do the following

  • Create an account if you are under 16 years old
  • All caps post; we view this as screaming and we would prefer if you didn’t
  • Use animated GIFs as your avatar or backgrounds
  • Thread Bump, Necro-Post, and Derail Threads (including “first” posts)
  • Be rude or aggressive towards other members or Staff
  • Troll or Spam
  • Use foul language of any kind
  • Bypass our language filters; your creativity in this capacity is boundless, but we would prefer you didn’t
  • Argue with Staff decisions; this includes re-posting moderated content and editing moderated posts
  • Impersonate Staff
  • Advertise, solicit, beg, auction, raffle, sell or post referrals
  • Post about Drugs and Alcohol; unless it’s specific to a Story plot, we don’t want to see anyone talking about it
  • Post about Religious, Political, or otherwise controversial topics; we know these are major issues for a lot of our members but this is not the place to talk about them
  • Post Sexual explicit, vulgar, discriminatory content, or offensive language
  • Use extremely rude or aggressive behavior towards members or Staff is prohibited; we feel so strongly about this we have this one listed twice
  • Create Multiple Accounts

Zero Tolerance: these last 2 rules will earn you a permanent ban for breaking them

  • Using Hate Speech of any kind
  • Threats of any kind

Any rule breaking can lead to warnings, suspensions and permanent bans.

Ban Appeal Process

If you wish to appeal a ban for any reason, we have outlined the process below.

1: Write an email to with Ban Appeal in the title
2: Include your forum username and the date of your ban
3: Explain why your ban should be repealed
4: Staff will reply to your email with their decision - this decision is final

Remember if you see a rules violation you can help by reporting it to us using the Flag button. Our Staff regularly reviews all member reports.

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@J.C, in the fourth bullet point, Thread Bumping, and necro post are mentioned. Please clarify what those are.


Where is the rule that we can talk about bots in the game? Because when I try to post about it, it keeps getting removed? I didn’t see any of that in the guidelines, and I just consider that freedom of information


Hi Guccisimo, no it does not break the rules however you post may have been caught by our filter. If this is the case it can take some time for our moderators to review and approve posts. You should have received a “Your post has been temporarily hidden” notification if it was caught by the filter.


“Some time” can be translated as “up to twelve days” for the uninitatiated.


Very surprised to read you’re OK with people discussing bots on here.

I’m assuming they’re referring to cheats/hacks rather than the AI which takes over in a battle if someone lags out.

I don’t think discussing cheats/hacks is a good idea…


To be clear, you can talk about the AI, your frustration with cheaters and bot programs but you can’t talk about how to cheat or use scripts (also know as cheater bots or bot programs). We also don’t now allow naming and shaming. If you find a cheater please report them in game. Hope this helps!


Makes sense, thanks J.C


pls uptade to figth with friends


The rules are definitely reasonable, great idea making the forums! I couldn’t find a sub reddit page or a place to share my thoughts or gameplay. You really created such a great time with this game! :blush:


Is it allowed to post links to useful outside articles and guides (e.g., Metahub)?


You can, there is also a topic from Metahub in the content creators section that you can link to.


Dear J.C, I’ve written a post about what should be changed in JWA, but the forum straight censored it for no reason (as it doesn’t breaks any rules here). Also, i have a post that is hidden since 3 weeks. Could you stop hiding my posts ?

Official Q&A thread of DPG's Paleontology Center

How will spoofers be alerted to having been caught spoofing


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Hello JC,

I was directed by a friend to ask you a question and he said you would know the answer.

I’ll be traveling to China for three weeks. Is the game playable there? I know google map is blocked there so I’m thinking of using VPN to log in. Will this work? How do you suggest me keep play the game when I’m in China?





What are the guidelines for the filter? What does it look for to temporarily hide posts? A post that is not doing anything that’s up there in the rules could be hit with the temp hidden filter. Why is that?