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There are things that I have questions on and others I have helpful solutions on that involve non Ludia products. I would much prefer not to be warned or banned because I broke a rule without being aware of it.

What is the preferred way to handle this situation?

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I have an issue. I was offered my level thirteen incubator and I paid for it but it disappeared. Please fix this and provide this incubator. Thank you.


Find a forum for whatever doesn’t apply or isn’trelated to the game…


Hey Linn_Cooley, I’m not able to check and see what might have happened with your Incubator but reach out to our support team, and they’ll be able to take a look at this for you. Email them here at with your support key.


Where do I get my support key


You can find your support key at the bottom of the loading screen and the bottom of the Settings menu in the game.


Thank you.

Lynn Cooley


Hey, @Linn_Cooley

If you’re looking to get ahold of Ludia’s support team, contact them by scrolling to the top of the forum page and clicking the black “Support” tab. Then click the orange “Contact Us” tab and fill out the required information.

Second and most importantly, never post your support key online. Remove your support key from your previous post, if at all possible. While most of our community members are wonderful people who abide by the rules, you shouldn’t leave it up to good faith and hope that someone doesn’t steal your account with that information in hand…


I would love to take it down but it’s not allowing me how do I do that


Unless the forum filter won’t allow you, you should be able to either edit your post or delete it by hitting the “…” symbol on the bottom left corner of the post.

Or perhaps @Ned or another support staff member knows how to remove or edit a flagged post.


It’s not allowing me to even do anything to it it’s kind of dark and it’s not allowing me to even click on anything


If your post is flagged by multiple people you will not be permitted to edit the posts. The moderation team has messaged you privately.


I never cheat. I follow the rule, and play fair.