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Below listed are a few helpful Threads. If you’re new to the Forum and need some help, or want to ask something but not sure where to post your query, click on the text in blue adjacent to the topic your question would fit in, and once you’re there you may post it.

Lineup Guide Threads : To improve your Lineup, know what to follow and what to avoid.

Two Threads here to discuss your Aquatic and Cenozoic Lineups exclusively.

In-Game Activity Discussion : To post achievements (or achievement’nts!).

Non-Lineup Information Threads : Discount timings, Boss Data and information about Base Creatures being locked for Post-2019 Reshuffle players. New Battle Stage Unlocks and Story Missions. More help from Sionsith for Code 19s, optimizing coin traps, etc.

Other Topics : Non-JWTG discussions or JWTG memes.

Secondary Jurassic Lineup Guide : Add Indoraptors to your team following these Threads. Consider the risks and advantages before proceeding with the same, clarity on which is given in these Threads.

Hopefully this (can I call it a kind of map?) can be helpful for new Forum members. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it would be good if our good moderators pinned this, it’ll help a lot!


Almost forgot this!

Credits (in order of Threads):

MirrMurr again
Sionsith again
Sionsith again
Andy again
Ostapo again

Apologies for massive tag apocalypse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And my thread about best dinos in JW:TG?
Tommy Paoli’s “The Story of the Creatures”?

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I wish I could be a meme lord there, but I’ve been bone dry for weeks lol


Well I revived the thread back from its grave :stuck_out_tongue:
Now its going well and never fails to give me a good laugh :rofl:


I would add this @Jurassic_Fury in terms of being helpful for new players, not sure which category it would go under…

Great idea pulling these all to one location for folks new to the forum.


Thanks! Feeling a bit lazy now, remind me in a few hours… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Added successfully… :+1:t3:

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that’s cool, but there are none of my pages …

You’re in good company. Neither did any of mine.


I don’t know if there is any, but if so I think we should add a thread that helps with battle strategies. Like which dino classes to use and suggest to block unless you can’t guarantee survival, then save, etc. I know when I first started playing competitively I think it was @Andy_wan_kenobi that helped me out with how to use my moves. Like the fact that the AI will ALMOST always use the exact amount of moves needed to KO you if it has enough to cover your blocks (unless it’s their last dino, then sometimes they still think you may be only blocking 2 even if you have 3 or more moves). Again, I think it was Andy that suggested if I can be KOd in 1 hit, I save 3 and attack the rest with my meat shield if AI only had 4 moves. That way AI will again ALMOST always use all 4 and then my second dino had 7 moves vs 0 unknowns.

Again, I don’t have time to look one up, but if there is a battle strategy thread, I think that will help newbies a lot (I know, I used to be one :wink:).


@Andy_wan_kenobi please don’t feel left out… it’s just me who has not done enough in-depth Threads research… :stuck_out_tongue: If there are any Threads you made that can be added on here, then like @Sionsith did a few hours back you can inform me and I’ll have it added… :+1:t3:


Although not as important as the threads mentioned, what about my cenozoic thread and @MirrMurr aquatic thread, these could be handy for new players looking to build on these areas

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The only things I could think of would be the Battle Stage Unlocks thread, but the people who really need that information would have access to it in-game or the List of Story Missions thread which is mostly (and at some point, totally) already in the Spreadsheet. So, no worries here.

Edit: the list of Story Missions isn’t even my original thread, so there’s that…


Thread link?..

If you insist


Will add after some time…

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Done. :+1:

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