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Too kind. Thanks

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My pleasure… :eyes::+1:t3:

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Fury can you put @Tommy_Paoli ‘s Historybof the creatures and my thread about best dinos?

While I do love all the Threads you and Tommy make, the intention of this Map was to only accomodate some Threads having more facts inclination and what are FAQs as observed.

Please don’t feel left out if I did not add your Thread or forgot to add (in that case, disturb me)… this is just for the New Members and the few Threads they usually are told to see when they join so that it is easier for them to have a direction where to proceed. :slight_smile:


Ok for me
Ten chars

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I did also have a decoration guide for optimal coin generation:

But yes, happy to help :hugs:


Disturb me in a few hours, I’ll add that one too… :+1:t3:

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Added. :+1:

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If you guys have more suggestions of Threads that would be helpful for new Forum members, then feel free to mention here… Before the edit window closes…


@MirrMurr aquatic lineup thread

Aquatic lineup

And my cenozoic lineup thread

Cenozoic lineup

There is also some helpful information in @Timmah thread for people looking to add indoraptors into there teams

Dinos to support l1 indos

These are more discussions rather than guides but they contain a lot of helpful information to new starters imo.


Added the first two. Not so sure about the Indoraptor Thread since there are quite a lot of Threads regarding Indoraptors in Lineup, also that would open up more Thread additions for Jurassic Lineups.

I added the Aquatic and Cenozoic ones as the discussions on the respective Lineups are very rare so one Thread for each can hold said few discussions. However if we add Jurassic Lineup Threads then we would have to put the whole Forum thus making it more like the entire JWTG Guide than a Beginners Map so I think @OstaposaurusBae and @Sionsith’s Threads on Ferocity would suffice for newcomers for Jurassic Lineups.

I’m very sorry @Timmah… but if there are Threads that can help newcomers I’ll surely add those!


Too lazy to edit this so I’m adding myself (again) and @Timmah to the credits, added the Indoraptor Threads as “Secondary Lineup Guide” category.

I changed my mind a little bit considering how many players want to add Indoraptors to their rosters but are unsure of the risks and advantages. I found Timmah’s as theoretical and the particular event screenshots posts on my Progress Thread as practical, both of which might be more effective in the desicions.


Doesn’t sionsith’s “Why is pve sooo hard, or is it” thread need to be here? Or is it covered in one of the ferocity threads?

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I think it would also class into one of the existing Ferocity Threads… the intention is basically to have just a few Threads that newcomers might find helpful.

Should my events thread go here?


Which one?

Also guys, in case there are any Threads that you see fit can be added I suggest that you inform me soon because the edit window might be closed anytime soon.


No theres still 15 days or so.
The events thread, search it.
I can’t make a link


Shouldn’t there be some threads like Suggestions thread and bugs thread etc somewhere?


so everyone plays the game right

Fury take out Desicions, it is useless.

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