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Changed the Thread name, I’m sorry in advance, it might still be as inactive as ever but worth a try… :sob::joy:

Well, it isn’t that every thread you make has to be there, not to be rude or offensive, bit if you put all threads even like desicions you should put even mine…

Every thread I make? I suggest you see the threads I’ve added and the other ones I made, I’ve mentioned before several times as well that I’ve only added facts inclined threads.

Even the Desicions Thread isn’t really useless just because it’s inactive. Remember, the Off Topic thread itself was extremely inactive in the first few weeks of existence. Also, the Desicions Thread was also one of the first Threads added to the list.

As much as I love all Threads all of you make, I’m sorry but I will stick to my original desicion of having only certain threads which would be helpful to newcomers instead of listing many which would make it crowded.

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No, byt people already post things in GNT or VYF for their lineup.

That still doesn’t make it irrelevant… Like the Game itself, the Forum is also one of patience. :stuck_out_tongue: We need to wait for certain Threads to gain momentum.

Off Topic Thread was like I said not even looked at in the first few weeks of being made. Until @Frozentank gave a boost to the Memes Thread, it and the meme threads before it were also very inactive.

can you add (idea of ​​the next dinosaurs)?:pleading_face:

The intention of this Thread was to group only those that would help newcomers in their game progress.


I think you should do another thread where you put the topics where they are needed for the knowledge of dino or the curiosity that everyone needs to know!

Then the Thread would have only one link : Jurassic World™: The Game - Ludia Forums

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Ha ha, really witty! :clap: :clap:

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The events thread


Send link…

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Sorry I can’t do one.
Can you search it?

This is like the most famous thread on here, It’s The John cera of all threads because its OP and helpful And Popular

diganles a los de ludia que ponga la opcion de compartir recursos y dinos en jurassic word the game

Translated From Spanish:

tell those of ludia to put the option to share resources and tell us in jurassic word the game

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