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Fossil Augmentation in place of boosts

So I have been reading a few of the other members of this forums suggtions and looking at the current broken boost system and I thought of an idea that could work in place of boosts and also t9 add a new adspect of the game.

Fossil Hunting!
Basically each day “Dig Sites” will spawn on your map, you go to these dig site locations and you search for fossils. You a limited amount of tries each dig site and when all tries are exhausted the site is “Close”, kind like a completed strike tower!

Anyways at these sites you can find Common, Rare or Epic fossils.
Common quality fossils could be sold for coins, kinda the “Grey items” of MMO games.
Rare quality fossils can give a boost to 1 of 5 stats (Health, Damage, Crit, Speed and Armour!). Say 5% increase or something, exact values would need to be checked against balancing issues.
Epic Quality fossils would be the same as rare but perhaps increase the stat by 10%, or maybe the same 5% but to two stats instead of just the one!

These fossils we find could, if need be, from a random dinosaur, say a Trex jaw bone which would boost damage!

Each dinosaur in the game only has a SINGLE fossil slot, so once you socket one in, it’s locked and if removed or replaced it’s consumed!

Examples -
You go to a dig site and find this,
“More Teeth”
This epic quality fossil is the complete lower jaw bone of the mighty Trex.
Use: Slot this item into the Fossil Slot on your Trex or Trex based hybrid. Gives +10% attack!
Cannot be removed, only replaced!

“Life Finds a Way”
This rare quality fossil is the complete leg bone of the vicious Velociraptor!
Use: Slot this item into your velociraptor or Vraptor based hybrid hybrid to increase its speed by 10%.

Okay so those are just some examples off the top of my head, with a lot of thought time it would be more polished Andy so on.

I think this system would be more balanced than the current boosts. Plus since each dino can only hold a single fossil, we won’t have Thor’s with a zillion damage, speed and health one shotting teams.

Also the fossils you find of dinosaurs you don’t use, you could just sell them to the “Research Team” for more coins to help level you dinosaurs!

Edit: Also this would allow variety in the arena as different players will choose to use different fossils.
Some players may boost speed, while others may go the damage or armour route!


That sounds like a whole new game on its own! Very awesome idea. Inspired by JW Evo I believe? I support this!

Kind of a mix of a few different things I’ve seen or thought of lol.

And maybe even this -

Quality: Legendary
Name: “A living Tank…”
Tooltip: This fossil of scale from the armoured Ankylosaur was found with numerous teeth marks, which attests to its formidable stopping power
Use: Increases the Healh by +5% and Armour by +5% of the Anky or Anky based hybrids!
Can be applied to: Anky, Anky gen2, Tryko, Raj, Dio…and so forth, you get the point.


I think that’s a great idea! Kind of tied to the Jurassic World Evolution game

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