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Fought 5 dinos and 4 duplicates


So I just played against someone who had a raptor, 2 ouranosaurus and 2 nodopatasourus…he started with 2 ouranos then the raptor then had to fight the 2 nodos before switchinf back to one of his ouranos.

I won but that was insane and if mods on here want a screenshot of the name I have it.

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Hey Austin_Rogers, reach out to our support team at with your support key so they can investigate this. It would be really helpful to the investigation if you included any screenshots you have of the battle or the issue in your email as well.

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I just played a match against someone named “optimusfloor” they had a gorgosuchus. Two of them. And a amargocephalus. Two of them. And another two raptors. Each pair were the same level. And they played all of these in a single match. (Total of six dinosaurs) is this a glitch or a cheat and can this be looked into?

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Bot. I ran into similar situation before, three IRex.


Is it a bot? I only got +11 from somehow winning against this. But even for being above 3000 that’s very little.


Im assuming it may have been a bit due to its name being a normal bot name word sequence but if this is true their bots need to be reworked.

Emailed and sent screenshot of the person I fought however didnt really think to screenshot the entire fight since well I was having to use my brain on how to counter 5 dinos :joy:


I also just ran into someone with two euoplocephalus. I was unable to get a screenshot and I am unsure if they even show up in my recent battles list.


I’ve recently gone up against someone who appeared to have 2 Amargosaurus in their team in regular battle, i defeated one then another came ibstantly out at full health Is it even possible to do this?

i managed to win but only just.


Maybe there is some cheat code that refills the health meter on a dinosaur every time they switch it out? Then it wouldn’t be that you are fighting 6 dinosaurs, but only 4 dinosaurs whose health keeps refilling? Just a thought.

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They switched an ourano with an ourano and then a nodo with a nodo though


And I thought I had it bad…met 2 Velociraptors once. Won the first battle because I had a higher level Vraptor and the AI sent in a higher level Vraptor immediately.


Luckily I won cause my stegodeus bullied the 2 ouranos and forced the raptors pounce before i put in stegoceratops knocked the raptor then managed to bully the 2 nodos with stun lock and finished the job with rex lol


How are people using the same creature twice in battle. No it’s not they are bringing it back in, the twin creature has NOT lost strength from a battle

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bots, I never encountered twin creatures


I had this issue like four time already… I killed an Eino and boom, another one… They are already pretty hard to kill so it gets frustrating to lose because of this kind of glitches…

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Seems there is a new bug in place with the battle bots.


It’s happened twice now

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Didn’t happen to me so far. At which point (how many trophies) do they start to appear?


So I’ve seen this a few times . I don’t know if it’s a big or a hack/cheater or something else but I dunno what else it would be besides those stated . I’ve encountered players that send the same dino out twice on multiple occasions in the past week or since big update. Just want to make everyone including Ludia aware if this is a bug ect … I took a picture of the person the battle happened with where two eniasuchus were sent out in a row.

It’s probably a bug I hate to assume someone’s cheating when their not! Sorry if this is you but I had to make Ludia aware of the bug if it is one.

Could someone please let me know what this is? It’s probably been brought up already but just sharing my knowledge of what I’ve seen! :+1::grin::canada:

Thanks guys and gals!!

DinoLord image


Yes they are using duplicates I’ve killed the dino and a fresh new one full health comes out. Plus it’s happening to a lot of people . So this is verified :white_check_mark::+1:
You just haven’t seen it before. I still whoop them in battle but it can throw a our technique off.