Fought my fist indoms today


Man people that complain about velociraptors and other dinosaurs I say have fun fighting that I will tell you now even that is NOT op but it does have a move that makes it gain a 50% Doge chance and makes its next attack do x2 but for those that will say it is op take a breath and when it activates cloaking you want to ether lower it’s damage or make it to where you take 0 damage don’t worry about attacking when it is cloaked just play some defense and you will take them out I used anky


I look forward to crushing the first Indominus Rex in between the jaws of my ever-waiting Tyrannosaur.*

*I have no idea how it’ll play out, and will probably end badly for me.


Yeah I guess some people got lucky and paid the 5k cash aka 45-50$ and got him I fought about 4 today lol


I will probably get him today once the trex event spawns; after about 2 months of gameplay. It is not OP you just need to play smart. Switch to your ‘worst’ matchup dinosaur to ‘tank’ dmg; in other words die; and switch back to your ‘one-shot’ legend. In other words either an einia or a raptor will do the trick. Try to hit even if it cloaks; sometimes you will get a hit off, just swap in-time and make sure you’re faster and do loads of damage afterwards… Which isn’t that hard since the indo isn’t speedy and you have loads of options to crit, feriocious strike, big damage dealers,… Anything really. Just dont try dmg reduction, slows or stuns. It has immunity. Even remove positive effect doesn’t work anymore. It used to but they removed this; quite unfortunate since it was the perfect counter (it used to work a week or 2 ago; it could remove cloak completely)… Just like any dinosaur should have. So remove positive effect got nerfed in this case, don’t try to use it. :frowning:

Every dino has a pro and a con; exploit it and you will gain trophies left and right. The only thing you can’t counter is being outlevelled, thats just unlucky or ‘git gud’; catch more dinosaurs!


Lol I know it’s not op I put that it was not op lol