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Fought The New Kid On The Block Again, Did I Win? 13p

Yep I Won, Felt Pretty Good Too :smiling_imp::innocent::grin:

And I Had Full Slots, Didn’t Get A Snapshot, But That Chest I Was Going To Get Was Blinging Big Time, And It Was Only A Flash, But I Did See It, Can’t Wait Till I Get It!!!
Hope It’s A Red, Or Purple, Blue Would Be Nice Too LOL :grin:
That Restore She’s Got? Why Would She Want To Restore My Crew Too?
Doesn’t That Just Help Me Out? Didn’t Make A Lot Of Sense To Me???:thinking:

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Well It Wasn’t Red, But It Was Close, Needless To Say I’m Happy

Let Y’all See What’s In Here In A Couple Of Hours :grinning:

Well Here It Is!!! Ain’t Got No Legendary’s But That’s Alright I’m Still Grateful :innocent:

Now I Got To Get My :game_die: For Ya Guys & Gal’s, Be Rite Back!!!