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Found 47 EPIC dinos in 3 days — I’m not happy and feel something’s missing — What to think?

This weekend I loaded up my energy to make some real work and progress in the game.
During Friday, Saturday & Sunday I have found total 47 Epic dinos.

  • 6 Epic from the weekly green event drop.
  • 3 Epic from 1 Epic Scent
  • 38 Wild Epic dinos.

Total amount of time: 21 hours.
Hunting in a city with ~ 600.000 inhabitants.

Traveled by bus in the city and the surburbs.

Have also running around 40 small scents 5 min during all those hours.


  1. Is this a good amount of DNA to find for hunting all those hours?
  2. Why do I feel I can’t make any progress, even while I have found so many Epics?


Göteborg? :slight_smile:

I’d say this is a decent amount. Quite good. 21 hours is long but I spent 5 hours once and found maybe 4.


Kungsportsplatsen! ;D


Haven’t ever hunting for that long.

So my question is serious.

Yeah, it was A LOT of hours going round and round. Just feelt for some time I diden’t know where I was. Haha.

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That is over 2 Epic per hour of active game play. I spend many hours without seeing any. I can also spend an hour and see 3 or 4. But 47 in 3 days, is more than I have ever seen, even with event drop spawns.


Okay. Cool.

I just wonder if it’s more possible to find more epics if you live in a larger city. Or in another country.

From this collection I just feel the value of many Epics are very low… Just thinking, 3 sinos in 21 hours of hunting…

That’s A LOT of serious grinding.

7 hours a day for 3 days!
Walking around and darting, just that.
Wow… that’s dedication and you deserve to find that many epics.

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I have never hunted a large city. I also have never taken public transportation with hunting specifically as the purpose. I do drive neighborhoods in a suburban area. Some areas are much better than others and some are better at certain times of the day. This evening I hunted the “dusk” in-game for Kelenken. I darted two Sino, an Anky and 2 Brachi. That is a lot for what I would usually find in my ‘best’ area. I could spend that same time in a different area and find nothing worth darting, maybe a few rares. I could also spend all day in the same ‘best’ area and find no Epic at all.

King sport place? My Swedish isn’t so good :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t get that many epics in a month of hunting…

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Yes, the amount of DNA and numbers of catched epics are really good, the only thing with bad luck is Epic scent. It usually can lured from 4 to 10 Epic dinos.
My ultimate achievment was 24 Epics per day without ESD’s. 13 are Wild ones and 11 from the Epic scent. But my luck cann’t last more than two days no matter how many time I’m hunting.

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47 wild epics is probably how many I see in a month. If I’m lucky :laughing:


With the huge increase in hidden proximity spawns, the chance to see more epics when moving goes up greatly. I’m not surprised at those numbers.

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I would be happy if I find 3 epics in one day.

Most common epic I see is TRex, followed by bary, Sino, pyrro. That’s about it. Rest are once in a blue moon.

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Wow that’s amazing! So lucky lol. I hunt maybe 2 hours a day, and get about 1 epic per day or 2, whereas your’s is 2 epics per hour, so that’s absolutely OP

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Thanks everyone for the replay.

Now when comparing I can understand my hunting a bit better.

Then I know a lot more players struggle to find valuble DNA.

It’s a really slow progression.

I thought for a second you where from the town.

More like ”King-gate-place” — historic place :earth_americas:

You really did good, though to me you should work on improving darting skills … e.g. Less than 200 DNA from Carbon is actually not good when he is too easy to dart.

By the way I am not much serious when writing above. :slight_smile:

1 reason you feel its not enough is that you have a variety of Local Epics so the DNA progress per quite low.

47 Epics in 3 days is impressive regardless how much you hunted. Had Epic scents give me.2 Epics, 6 Rares and rest Commons. Rubbish spawns all round.

Keep at it and you should see.level progress. Arena is kinda hit and miss due to RNG of teams so dun be too discouraged if you dun see progress. I dropped 200 trophies in 1 hour because of team selection RNG. Then climbed the same amount 2 hours later. So arena is a bad gauge of progression.

Thanks mate.

I travled by bus and diden’t go off when I saw an Epic. So some are from a very far distance.

And I don’t have any Vip.

Thanks for comment :slight_smile:

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