Found a Cheater he defeated me with 2 epic Stegaceratops

I have played against this person who had 2 epic Stegaceratops and was an unfair battle even lost 49 trophies. With this battle :frowning:! On this pic is the 2nd one.

No wonder why I can’t get to 3000 trophies was about 3 wins away then a huge losing streak all of a sudden and now this guy

I believe those are bots that are put out to give battles when there’s no one in your trophy range to battle with.

Purely was an unfair game and so many trophies lost in the one battle. As I said before about 3 wins away to 3000 trophies and all of a sudden dropped right back to 2500s

I’m sorry to hear that happened @Mark_Molloy, and I understand it must have been frustrating to have to go up against the same dino twice. Our team is aware of an issue in battle which allows the opponent to use the same dinosaur, but luckily, this seems only to occur when battling an AI bot and not an actual player in the game. Once there is more information on the investigation from our team, we’ll be sure to let everyone know through the forums and on our other social media channels.

There are epic triceratops? Stegacera maybe?

But yeah… most definitely a bot if they have more than one of the same Dinos

It was 2 stegaceratops my bad

So that’s what happened when my opponent traded out their t-rex for another t-rex?

I’m still working my way up, so still don’t have even half of these monsters I’m battling daily.

If a bot, then the bot needs to use level appropriate dinos. If the bots are using level appropriate dinos, then it was a cheater.