Found a counter for the new apex (Fast)

I just did this…

I did it twice and still magn won…
so this is for future people complaining about this apex! here is the counter.
So If in future this works for you just use it
Scorpius rex also works but personally magna is best


parasauthops swapping in: :moyai:


Ya might wana triple check that

No like really

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Magna is pretty irrelevant in the meta now due to how many things beat it, so there’s no chance that people will use, level, and boost a non-meta dino just to beat one specific OP creature and lose to nearly everything else.


Maybe i’m using imperato wrong but I can’t actually get imperato to kill magna

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Try ref or trebax

Since it has no distraction immunity, that may work. But with the bask, basic strike which decels & counter, i doubt trebax will win.

how u gus did that?

Go to jwa Toolbox battle simulator

CompyC might work
However it’s not a very good creature

Official Skoona counter people


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@koola888 Albertospinos also works

Id think mortem would work.

Ref works but you really need to pay attention to the bask from Croc.

I just did it. It works.

I think the question is how did u do that?

I’d like to ask how you did that. Magna does beat the Imperatosuchus unless it makes trash plays. HOWEVER, there are so many counters to magna that it’s pointless to run.

I don’t think we should be worried about the apex croc until it releases in June in my opinion because for all we know it might be good on paper but suck in PvP matches.


It’s also worth remembering that Magna needs to be mega speed boosted to survive in the arena, meaning Impy is almost always going to have higher attack/health boosts than Magna.

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Turn 1 Mag DI imp DR ,Mag gets hit by counter
Turn 2 Mag FR imp B ,Mag gets hit by counter
Turn 3 Mag NI imp VR ,Mag gets hit by counter
Imp wins

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