Found a counter for the new apex (Fast)

Just found out. Magna can win, but only if you get a crit once. If not, the Imperatosuchus wins all the time.

False. Magna has a 60% win rate. Imp only has 40%. So statistically Magna will win.

Magna won tho, verified it, 5 times.

What are you talking about?

Magna completely bashes Imp, probably bad play on the magna side (idk if you have experience on magna but i assume no because you’re a starter-midplayer.)

no, magna don’t need crit in order to win.

Skoona already has several counters - scorpy, mortem, testa, ankylux, arctoV, and if played correctly indot.

I’m thinking of how magna can win but for me it’s hard :upside_down_face:

Magna wins in 3 scenarios I’ve tried so far - but you have to rememebr 1v1 is different than when you are in an arena situation with fully boosted imperato.

True imma try that

Usually Magna will open with distract, I would assume then imperato will open with death roll. Magna should go with nully t2 assuming croc goes with bask. Then Magna can go with rampage and the kill next turn. However IF the person with croc is expecting nully t2, then it should use rampage, and then bask turn 3 which will kill magna. It will all be down to mind games, though. The person with the Magna could rampage t2 instead of nully and kill croc if croc waits to bask t3. But you have to remember - this is a simulator with fresh dinos. I don’t think croc will be used as an opener, and often Magna is if it’s on a team. The other issue is Magna can easily lose if it’s not fresh and full HP, and all the moves are timed correctly. We also have not taken boosting into account as well, and I would think croc will be one to max boost on DMG and then decent HP boosts with minimal speed bc it has an instant heal and counters. Very similar to how you would boost Grypo I would expect (correct me if I am wrong here, pros!). Most people boost Magna for speed and dmg, with some HP, but maybe not enough to survive all the hits from a fully boosted Imperato. When you are in the arena it’s very different than when you are doing a sim.


For some reason the croc survives the rampage and just kills magna

Mine went like this:

Magna: Distracting Impact
Imp: Counter, Death Roll
Turn 2:
Imp: Bask
Magna: Nullifying Impact
Imp: Counter
Turn 3
Magna: Fierce Rampage (Crit)
Imp goes down

Magna: Fierce Rampage
Imp: Counter, Vulnerability Rampage
Magna goes down

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So it needs a crit?

let me try it again lol

For Imperito go DR - Ramp
For Magna go Distract - Rampage

Magna seems to win every time without a crit

yep this sounds right. @Albertoplays111 basically the idea is Magna needs to nullify or distract imperato after it basks, or else there could be issues for magna.

Finally magna won :partying_face:

Imperato is stupid lol, it has no 100% counters. It can either rng, or mindgames it’s way out of every matchup. It’s a pure fierce that hard counters trebax. Your best bet against it are the indoms, they only lose to a double bypass.


Not anymore :frowning:
But yeah, Skoona has been taking huge hits lately in terms of viability.

Well it’s another one for us.