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Found a hacker


I found a hacker/cheater.
He has a level 28 tryko, but his T Rex is only level 15, that is impossible even with recent events. He even uploaded a video, that’s how I found him.


*i tried adding images, but for some reason i can’t ***


Because according to their rules you can’t name&shame players here, even if they are spoofers.

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Could you private message me the person, I’m intrigued.


*photos I mean


Ah. You are on the fan page, i saw it yesterday. Indeed the dude is probably a hacker. Has a 27 indo with over 700 dna saved up as well which granted may be possible with saving after darting attempts but HIGHLY unlikely since its already lvl 27 and he is 350+ over what he needs to level.


I can’t, where is the button/command/whatever to add photos?


There is a bug in this reply screen. The buttons for adding pictures, emoji’s and such don’t show… just like the speed arrows in the game. I just happen to use them enough to know where they are.

Just hover your mouse over the empty area above where your typing a reply and you’ll see the button names.

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Phew!! Good to know I’m not the only one. I assumed they stole my buttons specifically because they scared :kissing_heart:

I thought about asking someone in support about it but I have PTSD from getting banned anytime mods and I communicate, so I chose to suffer in silence the past month or so :pleading_face:


Finally!, thanks
Here are the pictures


Thanks, it works


Yeah, that looks beyond fishy. Good eye. You say this person uploads videos, does that mean YouTube? I’d like to see the video.


No, it’s on a Facebook group


You kids and your new fangled social medias. I swear. Just screen record it or get a link and direct message it to me. I am all about this right now. Please hurry though, I get easily distracted.