Found a massive glitch


So, remember during the tournament when people would post screenshots of top 5 ranking players and their team was all level one dinos? I found a massive glitch that could explain that, and renders the last, and any further ‘tournaments’ pointless unless it is fixed.

All you need is two games going. When the flyers were introduced I thought I would start a new game so I could level them up with the rest of a team, rather than my present account, which has all level 23/27 dinos. So we’ll call that account the OLD and the new account the NEW. All you have to do is sign in on the OLD account, then go to the settings page, log out (of google play in my case) and log in to the NEW account. Here is the glitch. The NEW account shows the right arena and trophy count (see images to follow), but the rank is the OLD account ranking. Win with the NEW account, trophies get added to BOTH accounts. So OLD account moves up ranking without battling anyone. I figure some folks found this out during the last tournament, and just battled with level one teams and jacked up their other accounts standing.

NEW account, proper arena and trophy count - standing number is for OLD account.

NEW account team.

NEW account name on leaderboard at OLD account standing.

NEW account wins a battle.

Trophies are added to proper arena, but place for OLD account goes up.

NEW account trophies added to OLD account ranking - moved up 8 places while battling in the first arena.

This explains a lot… in my mind anyway… I may try and get to #1 tomorrow to just see if I can!

Until this is fixed any tournament it completely pointless. And if this is how some of the high ranking folks got their high rank - sorry to rain on your parade. (not really actually, because you totally cheated if this is how you did it.)

[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 2

Wow … just wow :scream:


That’s mad!! Deffo people at the top were doing that!!

And then they get all the prizes on the main account and just leave the back up account for the next tournament ? Wow


How honest are you though? You could have totally kept that to yourself and won the next tournament! Well done :laughing:


Omg!!! That’s nuts!!!


I actually noticed something like that too. I started another account and I was player level 1. As soon as I was done with training grounds i was ranked like #250 (my rank on main account) in the world. With 60 trophies :joy:

This might be what the team did that was #1 in the world with all level 15 dinos. They did get banned though.


I would suggest not going for #1 like this with all of your info posted for ludia to see because :hammer:


Remember that Sille1234 guy? Guess he was using this same bug to reach #1 position within days. But it did not take long to get banned with such attention :joy:


ludia… check in… i think we all need a legendary incubator :wink:


Yeah, I’ve seen other websites and games with a ‘bug bounty’… then again, with all the bugs JWA has they’d be giving things away left and right.


i think google will pay you $50,000 if you can hack any of their software or find a bug :+1:


Hey D_MOL, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Our team has been notified of this issue and our staff will be investigating this further.

Rank 1 has 10k trophies!

Oh my lord. Is this for real? Wow, just wow. We need some major compensation for this.

This explains how that dork who was #1 at level 12 and had level 15 Dino’s in his lineup got there.


yeah, I thought for a bit that maybe it just showed up like that on my device, but then I remembered those odd screenshots of low level teams with super high rankings…


Nice catch and supreme thanks for posting it as opposed to just using it yourself. Extremely admirable!


There was a lv10 guy sitting at no.1 for some time during tournament season 1. So I guess this is how he did it.


Wow, nice on reporting this instead of exploiting it.


Kudos @D_MOL! You probably just delayed the next tournament a bit.


Good detective work!

At least now I know why I couldn’t break into the top 500… it was partly due to one of the many issues that plagued the inaugural tournament. :laughing:


Now I get why there have been so many posts in the forum asking for trading to be implemented so they can use multi accounts to gather DNA for 1 super account. Good find hopefully this exploit will be shut down!