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Found a new cheater with 3 lvl30 dinos with exclusive dna please Ludia do something



He/She the 6th best ranked player. He/She may have paid a lot of money get a lot of DNA but that does t mean he/she is a cheater


Yeah bro he might not be a cheater and has a youtube sooooooo.


I believe lots of people on the forum questioned legibilities of those players who have lvl 30 unique birds mainly due to the fact that Darwin is really rare.

I’m not here to doubt him as I think AP doesn’t allow any cheaters in their alliance. However, I do want to know some tips on getting that lvl 30 bird. :slight_smile:

I hope the tip is not just simply spending lots of money because that doesn’t help. I want to know like how exactly he found those Darwins. I used epic scents in the parks but for me, most of the time the dinos were not Darwins. I am wondering if he recorded how many epic scents he used and how often how long he spent in the parks etc. or any strategies using epics to get more darwins. I would much appreciate any tips so that I and other players can know how to get or max out one of those unique birds soon someday.

Thank you!

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I can assure you guys :100: % that the above accused is NOT a cheater… Remember the recent Lunar incubators ?


It’s just as stupid to assume that someone is a cheater because they have a level 30 Daryx.


It’s hard to accept but the top players (aside from cheaters) have put in their fair share of hardwork, received numerous donations by wonderful Alliance members and needless to say… money to get where they are.

You can too if you are willing to devote yourself to such a level of commitment. :wink:


Lunar incubators?


As he has pointed out to you that the said person may have bought Lunar incubators and if you know well enough what type of dna is available in them.

It is not impossible as long as you are willing to spend.


I just want to know how well that Daryx performs at that level. I have mine at 24 and haven’t found a good use for it on my team. I really want to love it though!

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Just cuz they have level 30 dinos doesnt mean they are fake. And if the level 30 bird if the problem, if u live in a park and use epic scents and darted all darwin in the events and bought the incubators, u could totally have a level 30 bird. The only time it doesnt make sense is when a level 10 player has all that.


It’s an honest question because I’m not a big spender, but what was featured in the Lunar incubators? Did it give astronomical amounts of Stygi Gen2 DNA?

Assuming one already has it at level 20, it would still take about an additional 300k of its DNA to get Stygidaryx to level 30. And this is just one dino that requires exclusive DNA, there are Magna and Procerathomimus in that team too which also require enormous amounts of Irritator and Proceatosaurus.

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Alliances can donate stygi DNA. That’s the only reason I have mine where it is


Anyone who participated in season 2. (Remember the high trophy count) Will have an abundance of stygi 2. I still have over 200k and my stygi is at 27. And yes the lunar incubators had a ton of Darwin. And there was no cap to the amount you could purchase


Darwin is not hard to get, I see it all the time when I pass through the parks…

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Hmmm… I see a green eyed monster pointing fingers at a top rank player for cheating because she has dinos that you probably don’t have. What did she do beat you badly in the arena? She earned all those creatures thru hardwork and dedication. Maybe you just want to create dissension, sorry, but the player you’re accusing of cheating plays this game honorably unlike another alliance who shall remain nameless. Rememember, while you’re pointing one finger towards your target, 4 fingers are pointing back at you.


Stupid!? Ahah there is a lot of options to get a lot of DNA. By playing from the start you can have a lot of the exclusive DNA. Being in a top alliance can help as well.
I never cheated and I have two lvl 27 (one soon to be) so 30 is completely achievable when you commit to it. Your frustration looks like a witch hunt to me


Who taught you to start accusing other ppl as stupid just because they disagreed with you? What’s wrong with you?


I am a girl! I’m extremely proud of this fact BC I am one of the best female players in this game. Stop calling me “HE” :blush:.
Not that I have any need to justify myself- but @Slimfat you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about-

  1. I have been playing this game since July 2018. Its the first game like this I have ever played. Started with my young son who loves dinos and needless to say had no idea what I was doing. In the beginning, we set it as a goal to get every dino to lvl 30! (every dino…) :roll_eyes:. Thank goodness I met @Legomin1314 and Apex Predators in late October to set some of my silliness straight- now I only want all my uniques- even the horrible ones (looking right at you Styga, Terrorvex, and Diora) at level 30.
  2. I have an absolute passion for hunting! It sings to my soul. I love doing it! Especially when I am in competition with my teammates to level up a dino- my competitive side craves this- I’m always pestering them to compete with me-( what? your Tenontorex is 27? Mine is 25- betchya I can get to 30 before you. Wanna compete? :joy:) and we cheer each other on daily as we report our hunt results and level ups. I spend countless hours hunting. Used to be > 6 hours most days if I am not in a competition with a teammate- If I was trying to get to 30 1st on a dino- I would literally spend every waking hour hunting. I am fortunate enough to be able to spend this time hunting and again- I love it. My favorite part of the game. I do use scents all the time.
  3. I open battle incubators all the time and battle A LOT. In the first tourney I placed 11th. 2nd tourney I placed 4th. I got an enormous amount of DNA during season 2 - MASSIVE- All I did was battle bots and open incubators and had to keep doing that or would have slipped to 5th. Most recent tourneys Ive been top 20 (I think except for the 3rd one- was top 50)- so again- lots of battles, lots of incubators opened.
  4. As for the rest- irritator events in past, lunar event, I do purchase incubators, alliance donations, and spending inordinate amounts of time in my L4 park for Darwin. (Which I am now doing again for Pterovexus while going out at night with epic scents to L3 for mono).
  5. I worked my butt off in my 20s. Day and night to build my company and provide for myself and my future. As much as I play now- I worked even more- most days 18 hours BC there was no way in heck my company wasnt going to be a success and one of the best in my industry. Thats my commitment and passion level. So yeah- I do have time now to play this game at an APEX level.
  6. I do wish something was done about the real cheaters- its so disheartening.
  7. I love this game. I adore my teammates. I have learned so much about strategy and team development each and every day from my fellow Apex Predators. I strive every day to give back to them with donations, knowledge & experience I have gained, congratulations and encouragement towards their goals, or just a kind word if they are having a stressful battle day. I love the community and the passion on discord, YT, and this forum. We are such a diverse and interesting group with various life experiences and opinions- its so cool.
    So- thats my story. I wish you well @Slimfat & good luck with your team & alliance.
Lvl 30 Erlikospyx already?

Horribly @Piere87. I dont use it in battle- just put it there temporarily while I was not battling BC its cool looking. But I am def. waiting for its buff. Just like Tuora, Diora, and Ptero. (sigh). :blush: